Hoodwinked Bamboozled And Confused

bush brothers 2The doobieless dubious dubya brothers

Well they arrived on our shores
when we were in our snores
bored outta our gourds
with pitiless lifeless plain
of terrain we were forced to accept for existence
that was our existential dilemna
the VAST wasteland
of marshall mcluhan
before LBJ marched us off to war
down in a quagmire
the Swamp
that Pete Seeger called The Big Muddy
Elmer Fudd didn’t even go there
Well there they hoodwinked bamboozled and confused
as Malcolm X said
hundreds of millions for years
Kileed the best and brightest
the Flowers of our Youth
and Millions of our Vietnamese
and IndoChineses brothers and Sisters
in a Pentagon rape and pillage
outright massacre and genocide
of rage called “The Nightmare of God” by Berrigans
Well have ya ever wondered
where the Dubya Brothers were in all this
King George the I
King George the II
Wasn’t George the I part of CIA Assassination Team III in Dealey Plaza Killing JFK
Wasn’t Dubya II hidin away AWOL in some non existen National Guard unit
down in Texas at Faraway AFB
Just go down the list of every assassination
every illegal immoral unjust invasion, war occupation by US since 60’s
and you’ll find the Dubya Bros blood dripping fingerprints all over them
always hidden, always in seclusion, always clandestine
always THERE
the Invisible mark of Dubya
Are these Traitors to our Country of First Order
WAY Beyond the Framed Up Rosenbergs and Sacco and Vanzetti
The Dubya Brothers wrote the handbook for Hoover’s COINTELPRO
the First Commandment “Never get Caught”
They don’t want ya smokin doobies
cuz it’ll get in the Way
of their DEA~ CIA lucrative illegal cocaine Drug Runnin outta Latin America
the Golden Triangle and Afghanistan
the Dubya Brothers Ca$H Crop
Iran~Contra Aid Death Squad Masters
leavin everyone clueless
to the REAL Crimes Against Humanity
of the The doobieless dubious dubya brothers

John Shumaker

bush brothers

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