Gathering Heart Celebration Of Peace

OWS-PeaceDear Folks,
Happy 11:11
In this Day of TRUE PEACE Observance May Peace Lay Gentle upon Your Heart and Mind,
May we hold in our Heart those victims of War,
May we Hold in our Heart Veterans of All wars, of ALL Countries,
May we Hold this Affirmation in our Heart for an ENTIRE fortnight
“May Peace Prevail Upon Earth”
Om Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo
For All those who have passed before Us,
For those in the Here Livingry of Now
For the Seventh Generation yet to come
Here is an 11:11 Buddhist Invitaion Gathering Heart Celebration of Peace
at Wesley Center Open Space Iowa City tonight 11:11
With a Little Help from our Friends
Dear Friend,
We are ALL part of the Love,

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