Sunday Funday: Republican Of The Week Edition

Inequality Media (Robert Reich) 2 minutes:

Who will it be? Clarence Thomas for his work is demonstrating how underpaid Supreme Court justices are and how they must take on extra work (such as being an NFT) to make ends meet?

  • Mitt Romney for his statement that Democrats did not stop Republicans from using the debt ceiling as a hostage when they had a chance a couple of years ago?
  • Chuck Grassley for demonstrating that maybe he has lost a step or two upstairs by promoting a made up out whole cloth Biden corruption scandal?
  • CPAC meeting in Budapest, Hungary (very American) hears fascist leader of Hungary Victor Orban call for extreme right takeover of America?
  • Republicans in the Iowa state legislature for taking the first steps to dismantle Iowa’s once highly regarded public school system?
  • Republicans in the Iowa legislature who cut SNAP benefits even as visits to food banks in Iowa skyrocket?
  • Again Republicans in the Iowa legislature bring back childhood labor to keep wages low in Iowa? 

There are so many more examples. Daily, Republicans give us reasons to vote against them, yet Iowa still sends extremist Republicans to office where they embarrass the state day after day. Imagine where we would be with a senator like Michael Franken instead of class clown Chuck Grassley?

Another wild week:

A) Leonard Leo threw a bribe Clarence Thomas’s way. Who did Leo have act as a conduit for the money?

B) Another quick one on Clarence Thomas. What relative of Thomas’s had his expensive private high school tuition paid for by Harlan Crow?

C) Once again the Biden presidency sees major growth in employment. Black unemployment also reached a new all time low at what percent?

D) At the end of last week Alabama senator Tommy Tuberville described what family as liberal as the Fox News and Tucker Carlson scandals unfolded?

E) Where were the mass shootings last week that were bad enough to make the news?

F) Who described Clarence Thomas as an “NFT” during his set at the White House Correspondents dinner (WHCD) last Saturday night?

G) Who is Zooey Zephyr?

H) A dust storm blew up out of nowhere causing a 70+ vehicle pile up in what state Monday?

I) In Pennsylvania’s Saucon Valley School District what controversial religious group had their right to meet after school upheld by a federal judge?

J) As of Wednesday (day 123 of the year) how many mass murder events had the US had?

K) In what could be a significant warning sign for the climate, temperatures where have climbed above 21 degrees C in early to mid-April?

L) Enrique Tarrio of the Proud Boys was convicted of sedition Thursday for the Jan. 6th attack on the US Capitol. What was most significant about his conviction?

M) CNN will be hosting a National Town Hall May 10th only for what highly controversial presidential candidate?

N) National test scores for 8th graders were reported to have dropped to a very concerning level in what subjects as reported Thursday?

O) Samuel Alito must be jealous of the attention Clarence Thomas is getting. Last week Alito claimed he knew the leaker of the Dobbs decision a year ago was a what?

P) Down in Louisville, Kentucky a McDonald’s restaurant was discovered to have employees as young as what working in their store?

Q) Another bank failure last week? By buying up the assets of this failed bank what already huge (too big to fail?) bank grew even bigger?

R) US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen informed congress last week that due to lower tax receipts last quarter the US would begin to default close to what date?

S) Oh Boy it’s election season already again. What presidential candidate is airing campaign ads in Iowa already ahead of next year’s caucuses?

T) At the Maritime Sailors Cathedral in Detroit the bell rang one more time for the death of what musician who made “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” an international hit ?

BONUS) In Iowa the Des Moines Food Pantry registered a new record as how many Iowans sought help Tuesday?

JESUS: “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the churches & on the street corners to be seen by others. When you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray unseen.” Matthew 6:5-6

GOP: “Let’s have a public #NationalDayofPrayer!” – Mrs. Betty Bowers tweet

Tip of the hat to EarlG on


A) Kelly Ann Conway

B) Thomas’s great nephew whom Thomas had taken legal guardianship of

C) 4.7% – the first time ever below 5%

D) Rupert Murdock and his family. Seriously

E) Atlanta, Ga., Cleveland, Texas and Henryetta, Ok. At least that is all I know of. Just herd that Allen, Texas must be added to the list

F) Roy Woods, Jr.

G) Zephyr is a transexual state representative from Missoula, Montana who was removed from the Montana legislature for her outspoken opposition to anti-LGTQ legislation

H) Illinois on I55 between Springfield and St. Louis

I) the after school Satan Club

J) 190

K) Ocean temperatures in the Indian and Pacific Oceans

L) Tarrio was never at the capitol and thus was convicted of sedition despite not being present.

M) Trump – just like 2016 and 2020 trump will be getting multi millions in free publicity.

N) History and civics

O) liberal, yet Alito failed to back that up with a name.

P) 10 years old – keep your eyes out in iowa, folks.

Q) JP Morgan

R) June 1st

S) Florida governor Ron DeSantis

T) Gordon Lightfoot

BONUS) 1725 unique individuals  – If you can please donate to your local food bank

BREAKING: Well-Regulated Militia Opens Fire On West Peachtree Street In Midtown Atlanta; Cheap Thoughts And Useless Prayers Now Being Rushed To The Scene … more on this soon-to-be-forgotten-and-then-repeated story as it develops … – Jeff Tiedrich tweet

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