Will Republicans Accept Their Losses This Fall?

Just doing a little musing. We still have a former president and I hope future inmate running around all over the country trying to get his picks elected to congress. In elections, his main claim is that elections are rigged. As far as I know, we haven’t heard this schtick yet, but I am sure we will soon. We are just out of the primary season and claiming elections are rigged during inter-party skirmishes would really make you look stupid.

But as I said, I fully expect the radical right to start rolling out this go-to strategy soon. Get the seeds planted early for the shellacking they will be taking this fall. When you simply look at the issues, there is nothing that the radicals stand for that is appealing to any but the wealthy and well connected.

Abortion? The radicals are trying to cover their tracks on that one in a hurry. Student debt relief? They are trying to make it an issue, but the majority can understand the reason behind the need for relief. Inflation? As radicals rail about inflation, Biden and the Democrats are actually doing something. Labor unions? Forget it. They bow to the wealthy

Don’t forget that the radical right has opposed popular programs for veteran’s health care, capping insulin prices, bringing chip manufacturing back to our country, and the program which will combat inflation while fixing infrastructure problems and preparing the country for the future. Opposing all that popular legislation is a heck of a bad record to run on.

And people are getting sick and tired of tax cuts for the wealthy that doesn’t now nor has it ever trickled down!

At the state level here in Iowa Kim Reynolds and her band of radicals is finding that destroying what was once a great public school system is not very popular. How about that privatized Medicaid? Iowa was once more reminded last week how hundreds of millions of dollars that was once used to deliver medical care for the most needy is now going to make corporate profits higher.

On top of all that, the radical right wing has a man who appears to have committed the biggest, most egregious and open case of treason in our history at the head of their party. He has spent the summer when he should have been locked up hand picking candidates for office across the country for his party. The only criteria a candidate must pass is that he or she declare loyalty to Trump and his big lie that the 2020 election was stolen.

With lousy candidates, lousy stands on issues and loyalty to a person over loyalty to the country most radical right candidates are running their races with lead weights around their ankles. 

So what to do? Well they have already put some field tilters in place. At some polls they will have poll watchers who will be doing all they can to keep Democrats from voting. State legislatures have already changed voting laws to make it harder to vote. Plus they have already gerrymandered the hell out of most states to favor Republicans.

But that may not be enough. So in the next couple weeks I expect the radical right to start laying the seeds for claims of “rigged elections.” What that may lead to is that despite clear results in most elections, Republicans will delay results with recounts and court cases. Also expect the press to spew propaganda supporting spurious claims.

Here in Iowa with a paper trail system, claims of rigging will be hard to support and should be able to be to be resolved without much question. However, as the case of the race in what was then Iowa-02 in 2020, there could be some that are really too close to call.

Just trying to prepare myself and others for what I am thinking will become an election year event – the desperate cries of “fraud” as the radical right sees its fortunes drown in a tsunami of bad policies and terrible candidates.

Here is a thought to mull over now that the radical right continues to try to dismantle much of the good public programs:

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