Sunday Funday: The Queen Is Dead Edition

Meeting the Queen – a good laugh (3 minutes):

Since there has already been billions of words uttered on the death of the Queen and the new King, I will not bore you with more. Just one observation: in this chaotic word, the Queen represented a stability that is hard to find these days. There is a lot to be said for having a constancy in your life.

Now, back to our regular scheduled programming.

A) The Michigan Supreme Court overruled the Michigan State Board of Canvassers to order that a proposal for what be on the ballot this November?

B) The nation of Canada was shocked last week when two brothers committed a mass killing using what weapons?

C) Very quietly on Labor Day a Florida judge ruled that the investigation into the top secret documents stolen by the former president required a what to sort the documents?

D) Appearing defiant, Steve Bannon was indicted in what state for his role in the fraudulent scheme raise money to build the wall?

E) Surprise! Although the US government will not consider it as a form of income, seven states may be taxing what recently cancelled indebtedness as income?

F) Surprisingly,  what state with a sizable Republican majority in their state senate failed to pass a total abortion ban because of a threatened filibuster?

G) What was Queen Elizabeth’s real name?

H) Right wing media tried to raise a kerfuffle last week because President Biden gave a speech Monday accompanied by what?

I) Old home week – what couple returned to the White House for the unveiling of their portraits last week?

J) Stressed about the price of gas? A $30,000 electric SUV was unveiled by what company last week?

K) Not too surprisingly student test scores in what two areas fell significantly due to the pandemic?

L) As her last public duty, Queen Elizabeth met with what new British Prime Minister?

M) As if the mass murder last May wasn’t enough, what Texas town reported two wounded by shooting in a park in what city?

N) Over the Labor Day weekend a worker at an airport stole a plane and tried to crash it into a what?

O) 15 minutes of fame: Who is Cuoy Griffin?

P) Senator Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill in the senate last week that would outlaw what kind of laws at the state level?

Q) The Dutch city of Haarlem will be banning advertising for what product from public spaces?

R) Juul will pay nearly $440 million to settle lawsuits in 33 states. What product does Juul make?

S) Vladimir Putin threatened to end the deal that allowed Ukraine to ship what from its seaports?

T) A team at the Jenner Institute in Oxford, England came up with a vaccine for what major disease that may cut deaths from the disease by as much as 70%?

I guess prosecuting Trump is like discussing common sense gun laws. It’s always “not the time.” And look how well that works out. – Randi Mayem Singer


A) Reproductive freedom (abortion)

B) knives – 10 killed and 19 injured.

C) “special master” – the DOJ is appealing

D) New York

E) student loan forgiveness

F) South Carolina

G) Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor

H)Two Marine guards

I) Barack and Michelle Obama


K) reading and math

L) Liz Truss

M) Uvalde

N) A Walmart in Tupelo, Mississippi

O) Former County commissioner in New Mexico who was barred from holding public office under the 14th amendment’ insurrection clause

P) Right to work laws. The bill is called the Nationwide Right to Unionize Act 

Q) meat 

R) e-cigarettes

S) wheat

T) Malaria

I did an interview for my book today and the guy asked me, “Who was smarter, Carter or Reagan?” That’s an easy one. Carter built people homes. Reagan made people homeless. – Andy Borowitz

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