Joni Ernst Trashes Gun Laws Americans Want

Looks like the NRA’s second favorite senator behind Moscow Mitch is getting her bona fides in for big donations from the gun lobby in early. They staked her to the tune of $3.1 million in 2014. Perhaps the NRA can do some “educational advertising” under the rules established by SCOTUS in Citizen’s United like they did for her in 2014.

At times Ernst sounds like a robot repeating right wing talking points without even seeming to understand what she is saying. Once again like a good right winger she repeats the lie that Chicago is the murder capital of the US despite gun sales restrictions. A little googling would have revealed to Ernst that her claim was false. Maybe an “alternative fact?” Here is one list that has Chicago ranked tenth.


Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA), one of 100 senators in the entire nation, told an audience on Wednesday that she is powerless to stop the epidemic of gun violence ravaging the nation.

“Laws upon laws upon laws; they’re not followed,” Ernst said during a town hall in Parkersburg, Iowa.

“They won’t make a difference,” Ernst sighed, as she refused to support any law that could reduce gun violence. Video of the town hall was captured by American Bridge, a progressive research organization.

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“Instead of trying to score political points by saying, ‘I’m going to take away everybody’s weapons’ or ‘I’m gonna put in red flag laws,’ we’re gonna have to sit down and have reasonable discussions about what actually is going to work.”

Ernst failed to mention that the House of Representatives held extensive hearings on gun violence and produced not one, but two bills that passed the House in February and await action in the Senate.

Ernst adamantly refused to admit that access to guns was an issue — instead, she blamed “the degradation of the value of life in this society.”

You get the idea, folks. She does not want to protect you. She does not want to protect your children. She does not want to protect your grandchildren. She DOES, however, WANT TO PROTECT THE NRA! She probably has at least 3 million reasons, maybe more to be a great obstructionist for the gin lobby.

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Joni Ernst is probably the one of most out of touch elected representatives at the national level.

The preamble to the Constitution calls for the government to “promote the general Welfare.” It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that getting shot by a weapon of war in the hands of an ordinary citizen is not “promoting the general welfare.” 

The right to staying alive once born would be in the spirit of “general welfare.” Yet Senator Ernst has lined up against common sense gun laws, against access to health care (including allowing pre-existing condition clauses), and in favor of cutting food stamps    among other stances that are extreme right in what is now Trump’s party.


Iowans will have a choice next year – to vote for a senator who works hard for her masters and works hard against Iowans or a candidate from the Democratic Party (in our house we are favoring Theresa Greenfield so far) whose driving force will be to work hard for Iowans general welfare, including laws that will help keep us alive.

For you folks out there in Polk County, Ernst is having a “town hall at 7:30 this morning. 

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Polk County Town Hall Meeting

7:30 AM

Wallace Elementary School6207 Northwest 62nd Avenue

Johnston, IA 50131

Hope you can give her the welcome she deserves.

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