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Job #1 Should Be Election Integrity

While this video is eight years old, many such machines are still used in elections: Beyond ironic that the man we sent to Paris to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One – the war … Continue reading

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Disenfranchised Voters During Primaries Bode Trouble For The GE

In what is supposed to be a democracy – heck, this is supposed to be THE democracy – we are once again witnessing troubling signs that the very essence of that democracy, the vote, is rotten. Throughout the primary and … Continue reading

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Reminder: Voting Machines Can Still Be Hacked

While media focuses on the horse race aspects of the next presidential race and adherents of one candidate or another argue into the night of nuanced aspects of policy, most have forgotten one aspect of elections that could have a … Continue reading

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Good Time To Talk About Money In Politics

The government is shut down as Republicans try to upturn the Constitutional processes for repealing laws. Since many of the Republicans who are fanning the flames of the impasse they created are funded in the most part by a few … Continue reading

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Celebrate Our Constitution

One more guest post from Larry Hodgden. We are greatly appreciative of his contributions.  Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF. He and his wife of 40 years, Sharon, have three children and seven grandchildren who … Continue reading

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Broken Ballots: Too Much Technology Applied Too Fast

It’s time to read this. It’s time to talk about it.  Our elections are at risk due to the use of unauditable technology. The Koch Brothers and the Republicans would rather have us believe that elections are somehow being compromised … Continue reading

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How The Republicans Plan To Steal The Election.

Trying to keep track of all the ways that Republicans have set in motion at state and national levels to win the 2012 election with a little cheat here and a big cheat there and whatever other maneuvers is an … Continue reading

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2012 Election Ready To Be Stolen?

Very disturbing report came out this morning (Wednesday as I write) about how a government agency easily hacked into a real-life Diebold electronic voting machine. The scary part is that with a very limited amount of time and with a … Continue reading

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Constitutional Clash: When English-Only Meets Voting Rights in Iowa

Constitutional Clash: When English-Only Meets Voting Rights in Iowa by Michael A. ZuckermanCornell UniversityYale Law & Policy Review, Vol. 28, 2010 Posted with permission from the author.  The following is an excerpt (citations have been excluded for space).  Click on … Continue reading

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ELECTION ’08: Scoring Secretary of State Seats for Dems

ELECTION ’08: Scoring Secretary of State Seats for Dems By Sarah Laskow, Plagued by memories of Florida’s Katherine Harris and Ohio’s Ken Blackwell, a little-known 527 group helped win secretary of state posts for Democrats in five swing states … Continue reading

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