America Needs Paper Ballots To Ensure Safe Elections

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Verified Voting made headlines this week, weighing in on federal legislation (like the Secure Elections Act) as well as how states like Michigan are faring on election security. In case you missed it, here are some articles mentioning Verified Voting:

  • The Hill – one of the top political websites where lawmakers get their news – once again sought out Marian K. Schneider’s opinion in their latest article about federal legislation that would bolster election security.
  • On International Women’s Day, Daily Kos published a story, “Computer scientist Barbara Simons proves how easy it is to hack elections – and how it can be stopped.” In it, Barbara explains why paper is the safest voting technology out there.
  • The Bridge took a close look at Michigan’s election security, and relied on experts like Marian who told the magazine, “You have to manage the risk the best way you can…But because you can never get the risk down to zero, you have to be able to recover. That’s why you have paper ballots.” Read more here.

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Verified Voting Team

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