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Sean Hannity Is The Real President

It has been cast about that Fox News is the real president.  Actually, it appears to be Sean Hannity. Media Matters for America Since taking office, President Donald Trump’s relationship with chief Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity has been extensively … Continue reading

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How The GOP Went Crazy

Excerpts from a long but must-read article by By Kurt Andersen for Slate  It wasn’t until the age of right-wing talk radio and Fox News and Breitbart that the Establishment lost control, as crackpot habits of mind achieved dominance. An … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity “People Like Us May End Up In Jail”

“Every night, Sean Hannity tells millions of viewers that Mueller’s probe is a corrupt plot to take down Trump and reverse the outcome of the election. Trump is a big fan of Hannity’s show, and the two men speak on … Continue reading

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Contact Hannity Advertisers in Iowa

Sharing this action alert from Media Matters for America because Iowa has nine radio stations that broadcast Sean Hannity. Five advertisers have left Sean Hannity’s show in recent days. Hannity spent the week loudly voicing his support for Senate candidate … Continue reading

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American Nazis And The Right Wing Propaganda Machine

Nazis in America, you ask?  How can this be?  Answer:  The Right Wing Propaganda Machine has effectively brainwashed a large number of Americans.  Let’s start with Sean Hannity,  a particularly vile cog in the machine as Media Matters explains below … Continue reading

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