Iowa Republicans Still Blindly Following Trump

“Roughly 44 percent of voters nationwide approve of Trump’s job performance and 51 percent disapprove, according to Real Clear Politics’ average of national polls…Those numbers were the same found in Iowa, according to an Iowa Poll published in February in the Des Moines Register.”  see story below from the QC Times

We should all snap out of our collective denial that things are likely to go our way in November just because it seems obvious to us that Trump and the Republicans are pathetically bad and dangerous to the country at every level.

People need to realize that the right wing propaganda machine exists to ensure that 40% or so will always approve of what Republicans do.  If you think it is shocking that this many people can still support Trump and Republicans after all we’ve seen them do, understand that it is because of the lies broadcast over the mass media. Lies are continually broadcast over the public airwaves via conservative talk radio and Sinclair Broadcasting;  on cable TV via Fox News, not to mention internet sites, that all look exactly the same to Trump supporters and dullards, as any other news source.

This frightening reality  – that we must contend with sooner or later – is illustrated by the Quad City Times editorial below.  Not coincidentally, Republican State Representative Bobby Kaufmann, son of Iowa Republican party chair Jeff Kaufmann,  referred to the QC Times in a legislative forum this year, as nothing more than “a bunch of political hacks.”/VIDEO

For a jolt of reality, please read and share this article published in the QC Times. Then we need to work harder than we ever have before during the upcoming months. The best way to overcome propaganda is grassroots organizing.


If any doubt remained, Iowa Republicans laid it to rest last weekend: They remain firmly in President Donald Trump’s corner.

Neither the tweets, nor the hardline immigration policy that resulted in the separation of thousands of immigrant children from their parents, not even a budding trade war that threatens the bottom lines of Iowa farmers has stopped Iowa Republicans — at least those most active in party politics — from voicing their full-throated support for Trump.

That was made clear during last weekend’s Republican Party of Iowa state convention, attended by roughly 1,200 party activists, leaders and elected officials.

State party chairman Jeff Kaufmann devoted much of his remarks to the campaign for governor, but also rallied the crowd to express their support for the president.

Kaufmann asked the crowd to show whether they support Trump, and nearly everyone in the building stood and cheered.

“Keep it up, President Trump,” Kaufmann yelled during his typically fiery speech.

Kaufmann told the crowd he realizes some of Trump’s tweets “make you pause,” but said Trump must use Twitter to communicate to his supporters.

No convention speakers mentioned the immigration controversy, which drew criticism from many Republicans, including Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst.

U.S. Rep. Steve King noted the trade war’s harmful impact on Iowa soybean and pork farmers, but expressed his steadfast confidence in Trump and asked the convention crowd for the same, and patience.

King said Larry Kudlow, the director of Trump’s National Economic Council, asked King to not criticize the administration’s moves to add at least $50 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods — with another $200 billion proposed — because it could weaken the administration’s negotiating stance.

Meantime, soybean prices fell to their lowest level in nine years, and pork prices also have fallen. Iowa exported more than $3 billion in soybeans and $2 billion in pork, according to the state economic development department.

“Let’s give (Trump) room to operate with his strategy, this multidimensional negotiation. Give him time. Give him room,” King said. “Because after all, we elected this president. I like him. He’s bold. He’s confident. We’re riding a tiger, and it’s a little dangerous to try to get off.”

King, who was appearing on the heels of his own, latest drama — he reposted on social media an opinion piece from a Nazi sympathizer — also told the convention crowd he was the first person to suggest Trump should win a Nobel Peace Prize for efforts to negotiate an end to North Korea’s nuclear program.

Roughly 44 percent of voters nationwide approve of Trump’s job performance and 51 percent disapprove, according to Real Clear Politics’ average of national polls.

Those numbers were the same found in Iowa, according to an Iowa Poll published in February in the Des Moines Register.

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