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Why Democrats Need To Start Playing Politics

There are few strategists on our side of the political spectrum and even fewer that devote themselves completely to the art of how to influence voters.  We don’t have the equivalent of a Karl Rove or Frank Luntz. And even … Continue reading

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Getting Real About Trump

Discover a whole new level of truthiness. Follow these people on Twitter and elsewhere. Noel Casler, John Melendez, Sarah Kendzior,  Brett and Ben Meiselas of @meidastouch “Once Pompeo and Barr get ahold of this place, we ain’t gettin’ it back.” … Continue reading

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Toward A New Electorate

Sunday my spouse and I took the public library poster she made to the fairgrounds where the county’s seven libraries have a booth for the fair which runs Monday through Thursday this week. We parked outside Building B, went in, … Continue reading

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