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CCS Push Back And Climate Change

When we took the land after the 1832 Black Hawk Purchase, it was decimated to make neatly cut rectangles of farmland. People are used to that now. Today Iowa farmland is used mostly as a production landscape for hogs, cattle, … Continue reading

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Will Mexico Stop Buying US Corn?

A quiet shot across the unbuilt wall was fired Monday from Mexico City when Senator Armando Rios Piter said he would introduce a bill that would end the purchase of corn from the US. This is in response to some … Continue reading

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My Attempt At Alternative Heat – The Corn Stove

After I wrote the story below, I realized that my little predicament is nothing compared to those whose assistance has been cut back for this winter thanks to the Norquist Republicans and their refusal to make the rich pay a … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday – Let’s Harvest!

The harvest moon the other night let it be known that it is time for the harvest to begin in the very near future. Here are some questions about Iowa and American crops and other things to do with the … Continue reading

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