Grassley, Ernst Gently “Urge” Against More Disastrous Tariffs

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Dear Leader once more unilaterally announced tariffs as a method to combat something he doesn’t like. This time Dear Leader announced more tariffs against Mexico in a misguided attempt to force Mexico to control our immigration. 

Pretty much every one who knows anything about international trade note that these tariffs will not be paid for by Mexico but by US consumers in higher prices, especially for cars. Another unadvertised feature will most likely be retaliatory trade restrictions aimed at midwest farm products, which means Iowa corn and soybeans.

Iowa’s Trump loving senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst once again failed to really stand up for Iowa’s farmers. Instead of actually doing something like proposing to assert congress’s power on tariffs, Grassley and Ernst chose instead to issue statements “urging” Dear Leader not to impose these ill thought out tariffs.   

Rather than standing up to this dumb policy and responding in way that will protect their constituents, Grassley and Ernst stood up, turned in the general direction of the White House and shook their fists. I am sure that will teach Dear Leader a lesson.

As if previous bad tariff policies and horrible weather haven’t hit Iowa’s farmers hard enough.

Remember this when Ernst asks for your vote next year.

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