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The Other Iowa Caucus Tuesday, January 3rd

Here’s a chance to discuss actual issues. “Hawkeye Vision 2012: Caucusing for Working Families“ Presented by the Americans for Democratic Action Education Fund. Please join us for a political roundtable featuring key Democratic leaders who will offer the progressive viewpoint … Continue reading

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National Day Of Action For Jobs: Iowa Events

CCI members are standing with our Brothers & Sisters in Labor today to demand good paying jobs – not more cuts – from our elected officials. Today, November 17th is a national day of action. CCI members in Johnson County, … Continue reading

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Tom Courtney Holding Public Meetings This Week On Education Reform

Everyone welcome at education reform discussions How can we help our students do even better? Which of Gov. Branstad’s education reform ideas will help our local schools—and which might hurt? I want to know what you think. I’m organizing public … Continue reading

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Creating and Saving Jobs: A National Emergency

by Ralph Scharnau We live in a dual economy.  On one hand, corporate profits are high, corporate cash holdings are soaring, and income gains are proliferating for the rich.  On the other, the working and middle classes experience weak job … Continue reading

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Government Doesn’t Create Jobs?

“Government does not create jobs” is one of the latest and most often repeated mantras of the right wing. Or at least part of the mantra. The rest continues on to say that the only real jobs are jobs that … Continue reading

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Weekly Observations

No Koch The state minister for environment in Baden-Wurtemberg has stated that his state, a highly industrialized part of Germany, will be decarbonized by the mid-century. The minister claims a broad consensus that this must be done by the German … Continue reading

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Republicans Prove Devolution And Other Observations

Let me start with a plug for one of the best sites to find information and solid analysis about Iowa issues: the Iowa Policy Project . Those folks over there look at the issues in very basic terms and translate … Continue reading

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69,000 Bridges Structurally Deficient In America – How Many Are In Iowa?

That is the number that Rachel Maddow cited the other night during her segment concerning bridge disrepair in America today. I went to Google to verify that number, and most of the citations were much higher than that. The map … Continue reading

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Harkin Labor Day Report: America’s Middle Class Needs Our Help

In Advance of President’s Address on Jobs, Labor Committee Chairman Releases Report Showing Why Government Investments in Middle Class are Critical WASHINGTON – As the nation prepares to honor America’s workers this weekend, Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee … Continue reading

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Iowa Jobs, The Post Office And Terry Branstad.

We got yet another look into the workings of the mind of Terry Branstad last week. One day he takes out his line-item veto pen and undoes some work that the legislature battled and battled over before coming to an … Continue reading

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