What Is There To Be Thankful For In 2021?

President of the United States Joe Biden

No matter how precarious things seem there is always something to be thankful for.  Here is my list of things and people I am truly grateful for on Thanksgiving 2021 as America the idea struggles to survive and we all struggle to cope with the post-TFG fallout. Feel free to share your gratitudes in the comments.

1 – Joe Biden won the 2020 election beating TFG by over 7 million votes. 81,284,666 the most votes for any presidential candidate in U.S. history.

2 – Covid vaccines and boosters are available in America and free for anyone who wants one.

2 –  The January 6 insurrection has so far failed.

3 – Humans haven’t managed to destroy the planet yet.

4 – Iowans will get through this November without a huge snow dump that stays on the ground until February.

5 – Jen Psaki for never being bested by members of the White House press corps no matter how hard they try and for making them look bad without even trying.

6 – Art Cullen who will single-handedly save local journalism if anyone can.

7  – Rob Sand for shocking David Yepsen by pointing out on Iowa Press that Governor Reynolds did nothing about the pandemic.

8 – Jen Senko, writer, director and producer of The Brainwashing of My Dad the award winning documentary outlining the rise of right wing media in America.  For telling her personal story that is having an impact.

9  –   Heather Cox Richardson for reminding us every day that everything happening now is rooted in American history.

10  – Cindy Axne for prevailing in 2020.

11  – BFIA co-editor and friend Dave Bradley who is often referred to as Iowa’s Jim Hightower for his folksy, insightful political analysis.

12 –  Long time, steadfast regular BFIA contributor, friend and sometimes editor Paul Deaton who is as committed to making the effort to save democracy as anyone I know.

13 – Friend and BFIA founder, the amazing, fun, and brilliant Dr. Alta Price.

14 – And last but not least Howard Dean who, light years ahead of his time, declared that if elected, his first act as president would be to break up big media. May this come to pass.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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