Howard Dean And Michael Steele Agree Republicans Don’t Care About Democracy

Former DNC chair Howard Dean and former RNC chair Michael Steele

Real talk about the Republican party. Watch the full video below from The Beat with Ari Melber.


Howard Dean: “We are watching something that we haven’t seen for a long time in this country but it happens in many democracies and it’s the weak point of democracies – when one side figures out how to use democracy to undermine democracy. So what these folks are doing is essentially what Hitler did, it’s what Victor Orban did in Hungary;  it’s what Kaczynski  is doing in Poland. Democracy dies because you no longer care about democracy. The Republicans have no commitment to democracy at this point – there are very few that do – Adam Kinzinger is standing up and Liz Cheney stood up for what is right but most of them are running around subservient to someone who never cared about democracy and that is Donald Trump. So this next few years is going to determine whether the United States survives as the cradle of democracy.

Michael Steele: “What do you think comes next? Where do we go from here? If you won’t shut up Trump saying he’s going to be reinstated in August.. kicking out Liz Cheney… What do you think comes next? This is a set up for something and we need to be prepared for whatever that something is. ”

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