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Enraptured In Fandom

We’ve seen it so many times before progressives should be used to it. The folks at Run Warren Run, financed partly by MoveOn.org, threw in the towel and are “suspending operations,” according to the MoveOn.org website. Hard to run a … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: “We Need Democrats”


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Elizabeth Warren And 1st Lady Clinton Discussed Policy, Made A Difference

A meeting between Elizabeth Warren and then First Lady Hillary Clinton prevented a terrible bill from becoming law. What happened next is just plain sad.      

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Elizabeth Warren Asks: Who Does Congress Work for?

The House responds with a resounding “CORPORATIONS!” very late Thursday night. And it will only get worse after the first of the year, folks. Both in the country in general and in the state in particular This is what America … Continue reading

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Howard Dean: More Than Just A Scream

April is the ten year anniversary of Blog for Iowa, the original weblog of Democracy for Iowa, a state chapter of Democracy for America (DFA), Howard Dean’s grassroots organization that he formed following his presidential run in 2004.  BFIA’s first … Continue reading

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Crying Happy

In a world that seems to give us little but scary news any more the story of the young women being rescued from captivity in Cleveland was indeed great news. Three young women that had disappeared as much as a … Continue reading

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Who Is Scaring The Bejezus Out Of Republicans?

Who said this? “I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.”  Thomas Edison in 1931 to … Continue reading

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