Biden Out Of The Gate Strong!

This week has been enjoyable if for no other reason than to see Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden on the virtual stump making speeches that make sense and that point out that the Armageddon that his opponent predicts is already here due to his opponent’s horrible leadership.

Biden’s vision of America is the kind of vision that many of America’s great leaders have had for us. An America of inclusion where the benefits of societal growth is shared with all, not just gobbled up by the top 1%.

This election will be a battle of visions. The vision Biden is painting is one of a country of equality, where the rights of citizenship are extended to all citizens no matter what the religion, skin color or gender of the citizen. Biden also talks of the government leading the charge to conquer the corona virus and then moving forward.

On the other hand the Republican candidate paints a bleak picture of a country at war with itself, based on race and ideology. He also says nothing about conquering the virus unless it is an occasional reference to a miraculous end to the ongoing disaster. There are no goals or vision for our country, just a weak statement that one authoritarian figure can fix everything.

In short, Joe Biden is the kind of candidate that Americans used to flock to and vote for. Someone with hope, vision, empathy and optimism.

Expect VP candidate Kamala Harris to be jumping in next week to add to the Democratic vision in the next week or two. It should be a dynamic duo.

I am having a strange feeling that I haven’t felt in nearly 4 years. The feeling of HOPE. The feeling that America can once more become the greatest country, leading the recovery from the virus and also leading the fight to reverse climate change.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. It is long past time that the slide of workers share of the American Dream also be reversed and returned to their fair share.

Do what you can to turn this country around. Volunteer, donate, be sure to check your registration and be sure to vote – absentee is best for this year. We need all hands on deck to turn the direction we are headed.

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