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The Electoral College, Selecting Presidents by an Elitist Constitutional Measure

by Ralph Scharnau The successful war for independence was a political, rather than a social, upheaval that secured American freedom from British colonialism. Fearing a unitary monarchy, the new American government created a representative system with separate legislative, executive, and … Continue reading

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Electoral College Meets Monday

We need some Profiles In Courage. We need them Monday. Anyone remember John F. Kennedy’s 1958 book “Profiles In Courage” concerning historical senators who laid their reputations and power on the line in order to do the right thing? We … Continue reading

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Fifty State Action Alert To Stop Trump – Come To The Capitol Monday

Please share this urgent action alert from Progressive Change Campaign Committee boldprogressives.org Yesterday, 10 Electors demanded an intelligence briefing on Russian meddling in the Election. Now, that number has climbed to 40. According to Politico, the Republican National Committee and … Continue reading

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Some Electoral Math

I am no mathematician and hold no claims to be. This last election results sure raise a lot of questions that real math wizards and analysts of electoral politics everywhere are going to be pouring over for a long time. … Continue reading

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Stealing The Election

No doubt most of you have heard about the coup in Virginia that is in the process of taking place. In case you had not heard what is happening, here it is in a nutshell: – With one Democratic state senator … Continue reading

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2012 Election Ready To Be Stolen?

Very disturbing report came out this morning (Wednesday as I write) about how a government agency easily hacked into a real-life Diebold electronic voting machine. The scary part is that with a very limited amount of time and with a … Continue reading

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