2012 Election Ready To Be Stolen?

Very disturbing report came out this morning (Wednesday as I write) about how a government agency easily hacked into a real-life Diebold electronic voting machine.

The scary part is that with a very limited amount of time and with a very small amount of money and with the scientific knowledge of an eighth grader, the Diebold voting machine was easily hacked in a way that could be hard to trace. Hacking was also done on a Sequoia e-voting machine proving that the type of machine is probably not that important.

What the testers did was create what is called a “man in the middle” attack. This is done by simply placing some simple circuitry in the processor. It can then be activated by a remote or by other triggers. The fact that it takes little sophistication and very little money to set up such an attack should frighten every American who values their vote.

Couple this with the ALEC-inspired state level attacks on voter eligibility and the more recent attempt in the state of Pennsylvania to revamp how their electoral votes are distributed and you see what appears to be the GOP lining up a strategy to make it difficult for Democrats to win in 2012.

With Republican majorities in 25 state legislatures (Nebraska is counted non-partisan but is really Republican) and another 8 divided, re-districting has had a decided bent toward drawing safe Republican districts throughout the country. If a Pennsylvania style law were enacted, the day of the president with the losing vote total could become common.

In Iowa, Secretary of State Matt Schultz has been working hard to deny the vote to sectors of the electorate that might vote Democratic. This is one of ALEC’s dream legislative initiatives. Schultz is pushing a form of the ALEC model law that would disenfranchise voters in Iowa much as they have done in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia on and on. This drive to disenfranchise voters is in direct contrast with American history which has constantly expanded voter eligibility. It is also in direct contrast to his predecessor as SoS, Mike Mauro who helped institute same day voting to help boost voting turnout. The number of cases of voter eligibility in Iowa are negligible, except apparently in Schultz’s mind. To quote one Republican county auditor after a Schultz speech pushing his bill:

Marshall County Auditor Dawn Williams, a Republican, attended the meeting and said in her 22 years with the auditor’s office, many of which she oversaw elections, that she’s only seen one confirmed case of voter fraud. “There are so many different checks and balances. Is it a perfect system? No. Is there widespread fraud? No, absolutely not,” Williams said. ( here)

Were all these pieces in place plus the hangover of e-voting machine questions from prior testing it will be hard for Dems to win in 2012.

Hard but not impossible. I know we are tired. The media, even that is supposedly on our side, is doing all it can to discourage us. But we the people can win and we the people can restore the rule of the people.

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