Electoral College Meets Monday

We need some Profiles In Courage. We need them Monday.

Courage is needed to stop a disaster

Anyone remember John F. Kennedy’s 1958 book “Profiles In Courage” concerning historical senators who laid their reputations and power on the line in order to do the right thing?

We have a situation today that calls for much courage on the part of an almost invisible group of people known as presidential electors.

This year however electors are not an invisible group. This year they are tasked with potentially fulfilling the reason for their existence. The reason for an electoral college to be in existence at all is the framers fear that at some point a truly unfit individual would have been selected by the people to run the government.

We appear to be at that juncture now. The person selected through the process set up in the constitution is very questionable on the aspect of being fit for office. Throughout the campaign and the transition the winner of the electoral college vote has shown extremely questionable judgment, a decided lack of knowledge and scoffs at laws, norms and conventions that have kept reign on abuses of power.

Electors should be extremely concerned about possible ties to a country that most label as an enemy in Russia. Electors should also be extremely wary of a person who refuses to disclose his business connections and current financial standing. Within those secrets could be the potential for a person to commit crimes against his own country in order to save his own skin or in order to become fabulously wealthy.

President is not a position to be taken lightly and done on a part time basis. The framers of the constitution gave us this safety valve for the unlikely situation we now find ourselves in. Each and every Trump elector needs to sit down with their own conscience and their own judgment and consider if voting for this man could possibly lead to consequences that are threatening for our country or its people.

There are more than enough questions and mysteries surrounding Donald Trump that the last walls of resistance should stand up against rubber stamping his presidency.

Plus there is the fact that he lost by what will probably be more than 3 million votes even with voting machines that are very questionable and laws that severely restrict voter eligibility in many states.

The fate of more than 22 million depending on Obamacare and the millions of elderly who will be looking at huge reductions in Social Security and Medicare or Medicaid are probably not even getting a thought.

Will some of the electors show true courage in the one life they have on Monday? Much easier not to show courage and ignore your conscience than to stand up for what is right.

Don’t be looking for a “Profiles In Courage: Electoral College Edition” anytime soon in your local bookstore.

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