New Polling Suggests Iowans Support CAFO Moratorium

A Rodger Routh video

“Last year a proposal was put forth in the Iowa legislature to increase oversight of CAFOs and to place a moratorium or ban on construction of new CAFOs and expansion of existing CAFOs.

  • 53% of all respondents from Iowa support moratorium of CAFOs
  • 53% said this was somewhat or very important
  • 77% of Dems in Iowa support moratorium
  • 49% of Independents support moratorium in Iowa
  • 35% of GOP support moratorium in Iowa

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2 Responses to New Polling Suggests Iowans Support CAFO Moratorium

  1. Dick Swanson says:

    …your State is under attack…it’s water, land, and air are losing the battle. What you all must agree on is this…the animals have done nothing wrong…it’s their OWNERS..! We elected officials to serve and protect…well…it’s time they MAN-UP..! We put them in the office and we will take them out…do your job..! How many of your streams, rivers are on the EPA’s impaired waters list…give me a number..! We let this happen…why…greed..? What will you tell your children or grandchildren when they ask you…Daddy/Grandpa, why can’t I go swimming in the lake…did you let this happen…WHY..?


  2. C.A. says:

    To all the Iowa Republicans and Independents who favor a moratorium on new CAFOs in Iowa, thank you! And here’s a gentle suggestion based on decades of experience and observation. Don’t vote for Iowa Republican candidates who will never support a moratorium. Unfortunately, a large majority of Iowa Republican candidates fit that description.


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