Disenfranchised Voters During Primaries Bode Trouble For The GE


In what is supposed to be a democracy – heck, this is supposed to be THE democracy – we are once again witnessing troubling signs that the very essence of that democracy, the vote, is rotten.

Throughout the primary and caucus season there have been examples of an individual vote being undermined by such instances as voters showing up at the polls only to find out they are no longer registered or their registration was changed by someone other than themselves; voters reporting that touch screen machines changed their votes; lines long enough to wear out the proverbial patience of Job.

The primaries have been more than a time to choose a candidate and have a say. For those who have been bent on voter suppression and stealing elections this has been a time to tune up their strategies for November. From reports from such far flung primaries as New York, Massachusetts and Arizona we can already see what may be a portent for this November.

Voters knocked off the rolls for no reasons, registrations changed, registrations not exactly matching driver’s licenses or other identification will all be part of the mix. We can also expect that precincts in urban areas will have long lines and not enough workers or materials.

The infamous voting machines themselves will be causing their own havoc, most of it unseen. Along with all the other problems they have such as vote flipping or changing vote totals internally, there may well be many starting to break down as they show the signs of age.

America never seems to have the time or money to study and determine an easily validated voting system. Of course this is by design. Add that to the myriad of purposely confusing state laws and voting machines that are extremely suspect and it looks like we will be staring down a general election in November that is ripe for the stealing.

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