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What Is A Conservative, What Is A Liberal?

I found the treatise on being liberal posted below on democraticunderground the other day. Apparently it is making the rounds on facebook and other social media. So maybe you have read it already. As the unknown author notes in his lead … Continue reading

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Dent In Citizens United From A Montana Judge

Some good news via the Los Angeles Times Thursday morning.    Judge overturns IRS rule that shielded political donors’ identities “A federal judge in Montana overturned an Internal Revenue Service rule that allowed many political nonprofit groups to keep their … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Fair Edition

Spectacular sights are often a part of the state fair. This is one from 1932 as Roosevelt was running against Hoover for president: (30 seconds) It is that time of summer for the big party before we go back to … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again

A little over a month ago, Department of Human Services head Jerry Foxhoven resigned his position apparently in lieu of being terminated. Once again Iowa’s Governor Kim Reynolds acts as if the state government is her own little company and … Continue reading

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Who Is Un-American?

Remember waaaay back to two weeks ago when the current president decided to try to divert attention from the upcoming Mueller testimony by singling out four Democratic congress women and claiming they were un-American? In terms of news these days … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Catch-22 Edition

So let me see if I got this straight: Dear Leader can’t be indicted for crimes he committed while running for president.  The reason he is president is because of the crimes he committed while running and for which he … Continue reading

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Medicaid MCOs Get Another Huge Raise

Coming on the tail of an 8.4% raise to the MCOs last year, the administration of Governor Kim Reynolds awarded the MCOs a raise of 8.6% this year. In real dollars those numbers that is a raise of $344 million … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Loose Screws Edition

Warning – Not safe for work due to language. George Carlin on finding himself: (4 minutes) From CNN:   A container of screws that fell off a vehicle and littered the roadway in Jackson County, Mississippi, caused flat tires along nearly … Continue reading

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Rule Of Law? Pish!

While the video below isn’t directly related to the subject, it does have the flavor (3 minutes) Republicans are great with little bumper sticker slogans. A few words that seemingly mean something almost as a guide for their actions. Sort … Continue reading

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Reminder: ProgressIowa Corn Feed Next Sunday

Reposted from last week. Being lazy on the holiday weekend Coming off some great performances by nearly everyone at the debates last week we want to remind you that Progress Iowa will have their annual get together know as the … Continue reading

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