Reminder That Republicans Will Wreck The Economy In June

June is not that far away. Last I recall Republicans are refusing to do anything about the the debt ceiling. I believe Treasury Secretary can continue to shuffle bills around, but at some point very soon she nor anyone else can create money out of thin air.

In case you do not remember if the debt ceiling isn’t raised, the US will be able to pay bills that have already been approved by congress. If congress doesn’t raise the debt ceiling, the US will be unable to pay bills that they have already accrued. So it would be like you refusing to pay your mortgage or other bills.

Financial markets will not treat this default kindly. Speculation is that such a default by the country whose currency is is the stable currency of the world will be much, much worse than the Great Depression and recovery will take decades maybe a century.

If your member of congress is a Republican please call their office and remind them that their party will be blamed if the debt ceiling is not raised. If you live in Iowa then your member of congress is a Republican.

Remember most of the debt has been run up through undeclared wars (like Iraq) and tax cuts for the rich.

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