LTTE Plus A Debt Ceiling Mislead

Here is another good Letter to the Editor by friend of BFIA Don Paulson:

Republican U.S. Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks is still part of the problem and not the solution.  Congress needs to raise the debt ceiling as soon as possible to avoid the United States from economic ruin.  Miller-Meeks, and her three other Republicans “representing” Iowa, voted for a poison pill laden bill meant to hold the government hostage in order to enact painful cuts to programs helping the less fortunate.

Funny, but Republicans in Congress had no trouble raising the debt ceiling three times under Trump.  There were no howls of protest from them when they voted for Trump’s tax cuts (which mostly benefited the rich and corporations) and which will have added almost ten trillion dollars to the national debt.

President Biden’s Administration is doing an excellent job trying to “right the ship” after the Trump years.  What we don’t need are more tax breaks for wealthy people and big corporations.

Excellent letter, Don. 

First district congress member Mariannette Miller-Meeks, as usual very uninformed except on what her party tells her to say, has posted again and again that President Biden is responsible for the current debt crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth. Congress is the body that handles the money. Congress is the body that run up these debts. Now congress, Mellier-Meeks party in particular is refusing to pay the debt they ran up.

Any congress member with a functioning brain would understand with even the smallest amount of analysis that the debt is composed only to a small degree of programs that congress members like Miller-Meeks want to greatly cut back: aid to the poor, Social Security, Medicare, SNAP benefits, veterans programs – the usual targets of Republican bile.

A finance sheet consists of income and outgo. Over the past 40 years Republicans have cut taxes over and over for the wealthy while starting, but never ending wars. They are like a family with no income and a credit card with no limit. Then when they have power they blame the problems on everyone else.

And in her little “neener neener” pic about the debt ceiling above Miller-Meeks is once again showing just how little she understands about the debt ceiling. If she was truly serious, she would be saying “Let’s raise the taxes on those who have had all the breaks for the past half a century. The rich have the ability to pay and they should pay their share.” 

But you won’t hear that from any Republican. Their party is 100% aligned with the wealthy in this country and around the world. 

Thinking Americans will recognize that in refusing to even discuss raising taxes for the rich, Republicans have pulled off an incredible reversal of money flow in this country. 

Instead of money flowing from the rich through the government to the least of our citizens so all could have a decent life, Republicans have set up a system where money flows from the poorest through taxes to the rich through tax cuts and loopholes. And when that flow slows, Republicans are there to stop programs for the poor so the tax cuts and loopholes continue to pass money to the wealthy. 

Think about it. Our system is upside down with money flowing from the bottom to the top. That is what Miller-Meeks and all the other far right Iowa Republicans are defending.

(2 minutes) 

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