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Medicare For All: A Little Heard Argument

M4A, as it is often abbreviated, is a quite misleading name for what is essentially universal health care. Medicare as it is presently run still has a lot of holes in it. If you are on Medicare Advantage the holes … Continue reading

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John Oliver: Give Medicare For All A Chance

With the decline of newspapers in America, we still have some good reporters out there, including John Oliver who can be a journalist and comedian simultaneously. We Americans require learning to be fun, so check out this entertaining and informative … Continue reading

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Glasson: Everybody In Nobody Out

If elected Governor, Cathy Glasson plans to work to pass a universal, single-payer health care plan to cover every Iowan, including mental health and reproductive health care. Check out her campaign website here.  Follow her on Facebook and Twitter

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“How I Lost My Fear of Universal Health Care”

This last week I came across many articles that reinforce that what liberals and progressives are fighting for is the right thing for the country and for its citizens. I have actually been fighting in my mind which one to highlight … Continue reading

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