Biden Press Conference After Debt Ceiling Talks


We bring the press conference to you to highlight a few things:

  • The President is already making huge cuts in the deficit
  • The press often pays little attention to what the President says – see the exchange that begins at @14:50
  • The debt ceiling is being used as a hostage by Republicans threatening every American’s financial well being
  • The Budget Process is the process to negotiate spending, not the debt ceiling.

(19 minutes)

Most of this deficit has come from tax cuts for the rich. Republican concern about the debt can be considered serious when they talk about raising taxes, particularly on those who have been the major beneficiaries of fiscal policy since Reagan. Until then they are only manufacturing a crisis to hurt their perceived enemies. 

Please write or call your congress member and tell them using the debt ceiling as a hostage situation is totally unacceptable.

About Dave Bradley

retired in West Liberty
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