Leftovers For The Short Day

This is the day I hate every year when we “leap forward” so some folks can have late barbecues and the rest of us take about a month to adjust the time change. If you didn’t know, the current daylight time schedule was adopted so that candy companies could sell more candy at Halloween and barbecue merchants could sell more barbecue equipment in the spring. Your comfort was given no consideration. 

So let’s have something light to nosh. Video, a few cartoons and some light thoughts. First the short video featuring Representative Jaime Raskin of Maryland commenting on a Republican speech impediment: (1:30)

If President Biden can overcome his stuttering, perhaps with some work Republicans can overcome this impediment. Is tat a problem they are born with? So sad.

All in favor of white supremacy say “No”

Tip of the hat to EarlG on democraticunderground.com

Really interesting that Iowa’s legislature is trying to solve Iowa’s labor shortage by making children eligible to work at a younger age, work longer hours and work around dangerous machinery. This is the kind of thinking that makes other Americans point at Iowa and laugh.

This whole idea that teachers and librarians in particular are grooming children is so insane that people spouting such crap should be immediately taken into custody for a mental examination. Meanwhile the the Iowa legislature passes laws to put kids to work while media diverts attention with insane drivel about teachers as groomers.

I dream that someday we will soon see Donald Trump interviewed from his maximum security cell at the Supermax prison in Colorado. Maybe while the interviewers are there they could also interview Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon.

In less that a year I believe that Iowa’s banana Republican Party will be battling stories that the caucuses were stolen from Donald Trump. And until Trump is satisfied he will threaten to split from the party and run as an independent. With any justice, he will be doing this from a prison cell.

It simply amazes me that humans will vote for the Republican Party when they know that most of their policies will hurt them. But for most of them it is much more important that their enemies are hurt even if they get caught in the cross fire.

Tip of the hat to EarlG on democraticunderground.com

Here is hoping Iowa schools get good seedings in the NCAA tourney! Go Hawks! Go ‘Clones!

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