Sunday Funday: Time Is Relative Edition

Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains it (8:45)

Listening to NPR’s Morning Edition Friday to a story about time. As we prepare to go through our annual pain in the ass time change, they used that to discuss time on the moon. Thinking about that reminded me that the whole idea of a uniform time system is relatively new. If I recall most towns and cities had their own times based on the sun.

Since moving between towns was a slow process up until the railroads came into existence a few minutes this way or that didn’t make much difference. Five miles might take a couple of hours to navigate. But with railroads that became a  few minutes. Thus having some kind of uniform time became more important.

So on this day when we move times, I come down on the side of not changing the clocks. But many insist on changing so once again I propose moving the clocks 1/2 an hour and then leaving them alone!

On to the show – basketball today, oscars tonight!

A) What company announced it will NOT sell abortion pills in Iowa because AG Brenna Bird threatened to sue them if they did?

B) Also in Iowa this week the state legislature passed a bill that would strips parents of the right to make health care decisions if their kids are what?

C) As Iowa sinks into Republican hell, what northern state legislature voted to repeal a 1931 abortion bill?

D) After a wildly wet winter California is once again set to experience atmospheric what?

E) President Biden submitted a budget to Congress last week. It proposed cutting as much as how much from the national debt over 10 years?

F) Oscar night tonight! Well, what happened last year that made those Oscars perhaps the most talked about ever?

G) What “news” commentator used January 6th tapes given to him by Speaker McCarthy to make a case on his show that J6 was not an insurrection?

H) Speaking of Speaker McCarthy, he turned down an invitation to visit what country last week?

I) This is women’s history month. I sure hope you remember who Ketanji Brown Jackson is?

J) Despite Wall Street screaming for a hiring slowdown, once again the economy created a very respectable how many jobs in February?

K) March 15 long ago saw the assassination of what general and politician?

L) As the CEO of what railroad company was testifying before congress on derailments, what happened in Alabama?

M) Ah – the MAGAts are beginning to infest Iowa as a presidential year draws near. What candidate gave an anti-woke speech in Davenport Friday?

N) Iowa State Auditor Rob Sand opposed the settlement between the U of Iowa and former football players for what reason?

O) Workers in France are striking as the government there tries to raise what?

P) Former Ohio Speaker of the House Larry Householder has been convicted of taking bribes. How much was he accused of taking?

Q) Last Sunday President Biden visited what city on the 58th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday”?

R) What DC “odd coupe” has announced plans to divorce?

S) What major automobile company announced it will cut hundreds of jobs through voluntary buyouts?

T) 26 Republicans on the House Oversight and Accountability Committee refused to sign on to a letter condemning what?

Watch how quickly “health problems” crop up once Donald Trump is indicted. He’ll go from “live to be 200” to “so frail he’ll be lucky to see daylight” overnight. Just watch. Mark it down under “Jack said…” – Jack Hopkins tweet

Carlso riot pic


A) Walgreen’s

B) Trans

C) Michigan

D) rivers

E) $3 trillion

F) Will Smith walked up on stage and slapped Chris Rock’s face after a remark Rock made about Smith’s wife

G) Tucker Carlson

H) Ukraine

I) First black woman who was confirmed to the SCOTUS last year

J) 311,000

K) Julius Caesar (the Ides of March)

L) Norfolk Southern

M) Ron DeSantis of Florida

N) originally Iowa taxpayers were on the hook for the settlement

O) Raise retirement age

P) $60 million 

Q) Selma Alabama

R) George and Kelly Anne Conway


T) White Supremacy

Pity poor Newt Gingrich, doomed to wake each morning into a world he helped create. – Jeff Tiedrich tweet

Pins pic

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