Sunday Funday: MLK Day Edition

“I Have A Dream” (17.5 minutes) August 28, 1963:

Half of our nation still refuses to accept the humanity of those who are different from them whether it be because of color, language, religion or sexual orientation. But I still believe that Dr. King and those who follow him will prevail. They (we) simply must.

Well, looks like we are out of money Thursday. Will Republicans step up? Will pigs fly?

Here we go:

A) What was the name of the church in Atlanta that MLK was pastor of when he died?

B) Who is pastor of that church today?

C) George Santos is in the news daily. What other name did many in his district know him by?

D) The debt ceiling will be reached Thursday if nothing is done. Who is the current Treasury Secretary that will try to get us through for a. While?

E) Another airline snarl last week. What was the cause of the problems this time?

F) MLK question. What city was he studying in when he met Coretta Scott?

G) Must be some kind of record! The wife of a Republican candidate in what state voted voted for her husband 23 times in 2020?

H) Who is Robert Hur?

I) The US renamed five sites in four states to remove what word that is offensive to Native Americans last week?

J) Republicans in charge! In their first act in the US House Republicans passed a bill that would do what?

K) How did Iowa’s representatives vote on that bill?

L) Wow. The “I Have A Dream” speech will be 60 years old this year. To what young man, who would come to have Iowa ties, did MLK  give his personal copy of the speech to that day?

M) NYC’s infamous Riker’s Island got a new resident this week. Who is it?

N) Lawmakers in Missouri’s state legislature tackled the major problems first. Their first act was to initiate a dress code for whom?

O) Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds main focus this year will be on what legislation?

P) In a real win for farmers, the Farm Bureau signed an agreement with what company to allow farmers to repair their own farm equipment?

Q) The US House is toying with the idea of expunging what processes that took place during the Trump Administration?

R) The week started off with an attempted coup in what Western Hemisphere capitol that was reminiscent of our January 5th insurrection?

S) Two rock and roll deaths of note last week. One was a legendary guitarist and the other the only daughter of the King of Rock ’n’ Roll?

T) How old was MLK when he won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Jonas Salk, inventor of polio vaccine: “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Frederick Banting, inventor of insulin: “Insulin does not belong to me. It belongs to the world.”

Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel: 400% price hike on COVID vaccine is “consistent with the value.” – Warren Gunnels tweet


A) Ebenezer Baptist Church

B) Raphael Warnock

C) Anthony Devolder. I have no idea which is his real name.

D) Janet Yellen

E) A corrupted file. Software for computers running this system is 30 years old

F) Boston, Mass.

G) Iowa! Kim Taylor, wife of Jeremy Taylor of Woodbury County

H) Robert Our is the special counsel appointed by Merrick Garland to investigate the Joe Biden document situation

I) Squaw

J) repeal the money appropriated for 87,000 new IRS agents. This law would cost some $150 billion more than it would “save.”

K) Well of course they all voted in lockstep for it

L) George Raveling Iowa’s former men’s basketball coach.

M) Allen Weisselberg

N) Women in the legislature. Seems some would sometime flash some naked arm.

O) School vouchers

P) John Deere

Q) Trump’s impeachments. Can it be done? Stay tuned

R) Basilia, Brazil

S) Guitarist Jeff Beck and daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley

T) 35

“No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages has any right to continue in this country.” – FDR, 90 years ago

Remember – Republicans will hold cutting SS and Medicare hostage to keep the country from defaulting


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