Democratic Leaders Reaction To Reynolds’ Voucher Plans

Who Reynolds really works for

Since the Democrats have such small numbers in both chambers of the Iowa Legislature this session and since Kim Reynolds made such a big show of personally campaigning against Republicans who had an ounce of sense and voted against her school voucher plan last session {breath} I think you can be assured their plan to dismantle Iowa’s public schools will pass. Then we will probably hear little about it again since Republicans do such a good job of controlling he news in this state.

So I would like to take time now to register Democrats statements about this plan. From state Senator Zach Wahls of Iowa City: 

“Don’t let the governor’s shell game fool you! Iowa lags the national average in per-pupil spending by $1,300 per student, and that’s what we really need to be focused on, not the governor’s shell game tonight,” Iowa Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls, of Johnson County, said. 

Wahls also released the following statement in response to the governor’s address Tuesday evening:

“Iowans did not give the governor a mandate to defund public education and weaken our community schools. Iowans did not give Republicans a mandate for more giveaways to the ultra-rich or culture wars that pit us against each other,” Wahls said. “Governor Reynolds’ speech tonight badly misread the needs of our state and the priorities of the folks she was elected to represent.”

“Senate Democrats are ready to set aside the ideological agendas, skip the special interest giveaways, and serve the needs of everyday Iowans,” Wahls said. “We hope Gov. Reynolds will join us.” 

Here’s the response from Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn:  

“Iowans are counting on us to lower costs for their families, protect their reproductive freedoms and provide every Iowa child with a world-class public education. But as usual, Kim Reynolds is only listening to special interests and her corporate donors.”

“Instead of investing in our public schools to ensure that every child’s needs are met, Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans are hell-bent on dumping public dollars into the coffers of unaccountable out-of-state corporations.”

“Kim Reynolds is not offering a choice. She is stacking the deck against our public schools and setting our kids and educators up for failure.”

“Iowa Democrats are committed to putting people over politics, and we won’t sit back while Kim Reynolds and Iowa Republicans chip away at the foundational principles of our state.”

Progress Iowa Executive Director Matt Sinovic issued the following statement in response to the Condition of the State:

“What we just witnessed is exactly why most Iowans are frustrated with politics and politicians like Kim Reynolds. She spent the first half of her speech settling old scores and playing petty politics, insulting anyone who has ever had the audacity to disagree with her. Then she listed off one dangerous proposal after another.

“Robbing our public schools and shifting funds to unaccountable private entities with her voucher scheme. Cutting off the right to access to reproductive health care. Putting politicians in charge of our medical decisions, not doctors and patients. Taking away any accountability of her corporate donors who harm Iowa families.

“Iowans get it. We work hard every day. We want our leaders to represent the people, not play politics with our livelihood and our lives. We are calling on every Iowan to use their voice during this legislative session. Tell Governor Reynolds and the legislature it’s time to put people ahead of politics.”

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