Sunday Funday: Biden Had A Great Year Edition

A kitten video, because what better way to start the year? (6 minutes):

The title has little to do today with the content. I just wanted to make sure that I did not forget to mention what a great year America’s leader had this year. Despite being the target of a mostly right wing press and social media that has little to do all day but to spread falsehoods and lies, the numbers say President Biden had a great year. Perhaps the best year since one of the Roosevelts.

I will try to put some meat on that next week. Today let’s try to have some fun. See how many of these names, places or things from last year you can remember. Some will be easy and some may be a mystery:

A) Charlie Watts

B) Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, Gaige Grosskreutz

C) Eric Adams

D) Eugene Goodman

E) Jane Doe, Kate (witness 3), Carolyn (Minor victim 4) and Annie Farmer.

F) Darrell Brooks, Jr.

G) Derek Chauvin

H) Thomas Massie

I) Cancun in February

J) Jacob Anthony Chanley

K) James Webb

L) Perseverance Rover

M) Squid Game

N) Brad Raffensperger

O) Simone Biles

P) Champ, Major and Commander

Q) Frances Haugen

R) Joel Greenburg

S) And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, On Beyond Zebra!, McElligot’s Pool, and Scrambled Eggs Super!

T) Rita Hart

We have said a gazillion times that if Bill Clinton is guilty of child sex trafficking, put him in prison.

But you NEVER hear people on the right say that about Epstein’s good buddy trump.

It says a lot. – Brooklyn Dad tweet


A) drummer for The Rolling Stones who died in August at age 80

B) the victims of Kyle Rittenhouse

C) Newly elected Mayor of New York City

D) Policeman credited with saving several senators lives with his crafty moves during the insurrection

E) The 4 witnesses in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking minors.

F) The man who drove through a Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin on November 21

G) Minneapolis police officer who was found guilty in the death of George Floyd.

H) Kentucky congressman whose Christmas card featured his fully armed family 

I) Where Senator Ted Cruz fled to with his family while Texas experienced electric failures. Cruz then blamed his daughters for the trip.

J) The man who dressed up as a shaman during the insurrection on January 6th

K) Former head of NASA during its early years (1961-1968) after whom the recently launched space telescope was named

L) NASA probe to Mars looking for signs of life on Mars

M) A highly popular series on Netflix from Korea involving dangerous things people will do for money

N) Georgia Secretary of State who was illegally requested by Trumped to change voting totals

O) America’s greatest gymnast, Biles made headlines when she withdrew from a couple of events in the Summer Olympics due to the ‘twisties’

P) President Biden’s dogs. Champ died last year. Commander is the first real puppy the Biden’s have ever had. He was just acquired recently

Q) Whistleblower on Facebook’s algorithms. (I believe Haugen was born in Iowa City)

R) Matt Gaetz’s “buddy” who is giving evidence to the feds on Gaetz’s alleged underage sex trafficking

S) Books that the estate of Dr. Suess had withdrawn from publication due to their racist content

T) Hart was declared the loser in one of, if not the closest contest for a congressional seat in Iowa district 2.

Covid will get under control once all the unvaccinated die off. – Sally Morgan

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