Attempted Overthrow Of Our Government Anniversary Next Thursday

Not preaching here. Just a reminder that next Thursday will be the anniversary of an attempted overthrow of the world’s oldest democracy. At this point only a few of those who participated in the overthrow have been arrested and prosecuted. Those who were behind the attempt have not as yet been charged and certainly not convicted.

Remember the day however best you can. We know that last year’s failure has not stopped these same people from continuing to plan for a takeover if not by violence, then by subverting our form of government. One of the strategies is to make our votes not count. Iowa has been one of the leaders in making it hard to vote.

Whatever you do, do not forget what happened a year ago.

Remember the leaders of the coup attempt were trying to overturn our form of government. They were committing treason. This should not be whispered. This must be said out loud. What they did was treason. There were plans – including the construction of a gallows – to publicly hang the Vice-President of the US. There were also those who planned to kill the Speaker of the House.

Perhaps one of the most damning bits of evidence is that while there were plans to kill the above mentioned government leaders at no time was there any extraordinary protection given to the President. This really points out that he was in no danger at any time, probably because he was working with those attacking our government.

It is imperative that those who planned and led this attack feel the full force of the law. Otherwise our system of laws means little if those who lead an insurrection can walk away free. Let us hope that members of the Select Committee are up to perhaps one of the most difficult and certainly most important investigations this country has ever had.

Whether this country stands of falls rests in their hands.

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