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During the summer, prior to a candidate appearance we got into a casual conversation with a reporter from The Washington Post. She asked what we were looking for in a candidate and if we had a choice among those running.

Up to that time I hadn’t really had to put into words what I was hoping to see in a Democratic candidate for president. So I told her I would have to do some thinking out loud. 

I told her that I see things maybe a bit different than others. Instead of seeing America’s problems as an issue by issue basis I see the situation as a country that was set up to have certain values with some tools to work on attaining those values for everyone. To me this was the essence of FDR’s administrations. 

FDR came in at a time when management of the economy was non-existent save for a few wealthy oligarch types exploiting the country and its people for every nickel that could be wrung from either, then to be discarded as so much junk. FDR turned that around to valuing both people and America’s treasures while always building for the future. All Americans would have a stake in FDR’s plans either through working directly in programs, or peripherally through supplying government programs, through education, or through selling their products to people employed and earning good money.

While our current situation is nothing quite like that of 1932, in certain ways there are some striking similarities. The most frightening is the inequality of wealth and income in this country. As wealth concentrates in fewer and fewer hands, the power that goes with that wealth grows exponentially. 

As fewer and fewer are able to contribute more and more to candidates their access to candidates and eventual office holders becomes more of a boss (contributor) to employee (office holder) relationship. Legislation was created over the years tried to control campaign contributions but the SCOTUS blew that out of the water with the Citizens’ United decision. 

So in 2019 – 2020 we are in the precarious position of having a ruling class that we haven’t had in decades. We have a media that is nearly totally beholden to those with wealth, including social media that was at one time hoped to be one of the saviors of democracy.  Elizabeth Warren has let it be known that our current social media set up is unacceptable.

Add to that the over arching looming climate crisis that has become world enemy #1. Even as I write this there is one group in the world that purposely continues to despoil our planet and that is the Republican Party of the US.

So I told the reporter that to me the crux of our problems is much like 1932 in that wealth and power has concentrated in a few hands and we have a political system that rewards those who fail to stand up to those with wealth and power. In my estimation we need someone with FDR’s vision and resolve. He or she must also understand how to get Americans to agree on what their best interests are and get the country focused on resolving them for the good of all. And they must have the resolve to see it through!

Also I added that it is long past time to quit screwing around on our country’s health and join the rest of the wealthy nations in covering all of our citizens. 110 years is being more than patient. We have more than enough money, it is a matter of making health a priority. (Wednesday a federal appeals court showed that the courts are agitating that they may now declare the ACA unconstitutional, a solid Medicare for All plan is what we need.)

Therefore, I told the reporter that I see the only one who will stand up for the poor and middle class and stand up to the wealthy while being able to work with a Congress to pass legislation that will correct abuses of today and set groundwork for the future is Elizabeth Warren. Warren is not just making speeches, she is making plans and preparing.

Whoever the Democrats select, he or she will immediately be portrayed as a socialist, an enemy of democracy and an enemy of America. In short the networks and social media will run with the same Republican lies that have been in use since 1948 with little update. 

Elizabeth Warren’s approach has always been focused on the common American family that sits in the kitchen to pay their bills and talk about their futures and that of their children. She has been in our shoes and she knows what it is like. These are the kind of things that guide her thought process. Nothing socialist there. She will be doing what “We, the People” have been wanting done.

The next president will be stepping into a mess of a government shattered by the previous administration which set about using the government to wreck people’s lives and the environment. The next president will need vision, deep economic knowledge, resolve and the temperament of a saint to try to not only bring things back together but to head us back in the right direction. To me that describes Elizabeth Warren.

She is a figure all Democrats can support. Her views favoring the common American should draw  lot of votes from those who are realizing just how badly trusting the wealthy to care about you was a huge mistake. Warren will draw from all sectors of America except those with wealth and power. 

In addition to my thoughts I was surprised and heartened to see that Art Cullen of the Storm Lake Times also endorsed Warren. Cullen focused on rural policies as the reason for his endorsement.  

Whichever candidate becomes the nominee of the Democratic Party, he or she will be light years better than the impeached current president who believes he is above the law. No Democrat is tied to foreign powers for campaign help. No Democrat is in favor of destroying long established  defense treaties. Every Democrat is in favor of revamping health care. Every Democrat will address the climate crisis. 

And I am sure every Democrat will deal with the God-awful sadistic caging of children at our southern border. How any voting American can vote for a person who would do that is beyond me.

We need a leader with FDR’s focus on the common American

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