Sunday Funday: Merry Christmas Edition

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Today’s quiz will be light hearted. I am wanting to take a small break from the endless round of politics that old Chosen One has forced us into. However we will hit some of the really big highlights.

Also unfortunately Iowa lost one of it few larger than life figures last week when Hayden Fry passed Tuesday. Can’t help but slip a couple of Fry questions in for fun.

But the focus will be on Christmas or some other solstice holiday. Here is a sample question:

What are you getting me for Christmas???

  1. What was the significance of Jerry Levias in the Hayden Fry coaching legacy?
  1. Boxing Day. I can’t wait for Boxing Day! BTW, when is Boxing Day?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate voted “present” on the two articles of impeachment Wednesday?
  1. Many of our Christmas traditions come from Saturnalia which was celebrated in what ancient civilization?
  1. Saturn, the god who was celebrated during Saturnalia, was the god of what?
  1. Out in Denver last week a radio show was yanked off the air when the host said he wished what would happen to distract from the impeachment?
  1. In many ancient winter festivals meat was the featured dish. Do you know why?
  1. Hallmark channels got into controversy when they first pulled, then re-instated 4 commercials that featured what?
  1. Name two assistant coaches from Hayden Fry’s Iowa staffs that went on to be very successful coaches on their own?
  1. Sarah Huckabee Sanders took to twitter to make fun of what Democratic presidential candidate for his stutter Thursday night?
  1. What was the name of the Scandinavian midwinter festival from which we derive many traditions?
  1. Our Santa Claus figure is a combination of Saint Nicholas of Smyrna and what Nordic god?
  1. What US representative changed parties from Democratic to Republican following the impeachment vote?
  1. Massive purges of voter rolls took place in what two states last week?
  1. Rallies were held in over 600 US communities Tuesday evening on the eve of what event scheduled for Wednesday?
  1. The first man to dress as Santa for a department store (his own) happened in Brockton Massachusetts in what decade?  Hint: before WWI
  1. What American fast food is wildly popular as the food for Japanese Christmas feasts
  1. What evangelical publication called for the Chosen One to be removed from office?
  1. In what decade did Coca-Cola begin using Santa Claus to sell its product?
  1. “Noel, Noel” – what does “Noel” mean?


  1. Levias was one of the first black players in the old Southwest Conference among those who integrated that conference recruited by Fry at SMU. 
  1. The day after Christmas
  1. Tulsi Gabbard
  1. Rome
  1. Bountiful agriculture
  1. “A nice school shooting”
  1. In ancient days winter was often a time of starvation, so many of the animals were killed so they would not have to be fed.
  1. A lesbian kiss
  1. Barry Alvarez, The 3 Stoops brothers, Bill Snyder, Kirk Ferentz of course, Bret Bielema for starters
  1. Joe Biden
  1. Juul or Yule
  1. Odin
  1. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey
  1. Wisconsin and Georgia
  1. The impeachment vote in the US House
  1. 1890s
  1. KFC chicken. Families often place their order weeks ahead of Christmas
  1. Christianity Today. Called the Chosen One a “grossly immoral character.” 
  1. 1920s
  1. Birth

Merry Christmas or whatever your family celebrates.

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