Sunday Funday: Democracy? Who Cares? Edition

voting reforms unfair to Trump party

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As you can see, the Trump party just doesn’t care much for that idea of democracy. Look – it’s you guys that screw up their nice little set up with all those great emoluments. Of course we know that God appointed our Dear Leader just as Sarah Sanders told us last week. Dear Leader is doing God’s work which frequently happens to be the same as what Vladimir Putin wants.

But please don’t let the end of democracy bother your pretty little minds – today is Super Bowl Sunday. This one is named for Dear Leader. It is Super Bowl Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie! Some team is playing some other team someplace today! Cold Hamburgers will be served to the winner in the Oval Office some time. Best of luck to all the commercials! 

Oy Vey! Another crazy week.

  1. Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks said he was considering running for president as a ‘centrist.’ However, by the end of the week it appeared that he was motivated by what one issue?
  1. What state’s Secretary of State claimed as many as 58,000 non-citizens voted in 2018, but then backed way off that claim?
  1. What Democrat jumped into the crowded presidential race Friday morning?
  1. What much ballyhooed industrial project in Wisconsin from the Walker era there has been revealed to be drastically less than was originally claimed?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate kicked off the campaign by appearing before a huge crowd in Oakland, Calif. last Sunday?
  1. February was chosen as Black History month because what two major figures in the ending of slavery were born in February?
  1. When is an emergency not an emergency? Who claims he may have to invoke an “emergency” for a situation that his party failed to address for a long time?
  1. What was the type of weather system that blasted the midwest with some unworldly (it was warmer on Mars) cold last week?
  1. February 1st was the date that the case against the FCC’s new policy on what began in federal court?
  1. Gun violence has started off the year with a bang (sorry) with how many mass shootings in January?   
  1. What major committee of the US House has been hampered in doing its job as Republicans have refused to do what?
  1. The ban on interracial marriage ended in 1967 when the SCOTUS decided what somewhat appropriately named case for the plaintiffs?
  1. Rumors were circulating Friday that what Republican governor may run in the primaries against Dear Leader next year?
  1. In a televised congressional hearing Tuesday what intelligence official publicly broke with Dear Leader on several issues?
  1. Madame CJ Walker was the first American black woman to do what?
  1. Empire star Jussie Smollett was hospitalized after he was attacked in Chicago because of what?
  1. According to the CDC, if you don’t want salmonella then don’t kiss your what (pet)?
  1. Who was the first African American to run for president in a major party? (Hint: 1972)
  1. California utility company PG&E filed bankruptcy due to lawsuits over their part in what recent catastrophes?
  1. A hunger strike is in progress to protest conditions in facilities across the US run by what federal agency?



You see, @realDonaldTrump, the trouble with ignorant racists is that they’re generally ignorant that they’re racist.


  1. His taxes might go up based on a comment by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
  1. Texas
  1. Corey Booker of New Jersey
  1. FoxConn
  1. Kamala Harris
  1. Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Polar Vortex
  1. ending net neutrality
  1. 25 by my count
  1. House Intelligence Committee (McCarthy refused to name members)
  1. Loving vs. Virginia
  1. Larry Hogan of Maryland
  1. DNI Dan Coats
  1. Be a self made millionaire (beauty products for African-Americans)
  1. His sexual orientation
  1. Hedgehog
  1. Shirley Chisholm
  1. The wild fires.
  1. ICE

Trump Comes Out Strongly Against Intelligence

By Andy Borowitz

“I’ve listened to these people with so-called intelligence go on and on, and, quite frankly, it’s a waste of time,” the President said. “I know a lot more than people with intelligence do.”

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