Follow Grassley’s Radio Address

A BFIA reader submitted this note bringing our attention to Grassley’s radio address apparently broadcast from local stations in Conservativeland, Iowa. Click on the link below to listen to Grassley’s “Capitol Hill Report.”


Although I am no fan of Chuck Grassley, I try to catch all of his radio addresses, under the principle of knowing what the other side is doing. These radio interviews seem to always involve stations in “safe” country, with conservative interviewers. Today’s [Jan. 24] effort has Grassley stating that President Trump was sitting all alone in the White House since December 22, waiting for the Democrats to come and negotiate with him. Apparently, Pelosi’s and Schumer’s visit to the White House on January 9 for that purpose (and Trump’s tantrum) went unnoticed by Grassley.

To listen to the interview follow this link:

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