David Young The Epitome Of Today’s Republican Party

Retired teacher schools David Young on taxes (6 minutes) The sound is a little hard to hear so you may want to turn it up.

Iowa’s 3rd district has a tight contest going on and I am kind of at a loss to understand why. During his time in office, David Young has done little to help the people in his district. Instead, like nearly all Republicans of the past two decades Young votes for the think tank prescribed solutions to the problems that are created by Republicans and then goes back to his district to try to sell these bogus policies.

In the video above from last January, Young is trying to sell the huge tax cuts for the richest to some of his constituents. As you can see at least one of his constituents seems have a lot more knowledge about taxes than old Dave there. Frankly Young looks and talks like an old fashioned film-flam man. From the comment posted by Progress Iowa on the video:

“Susie Olesen, a retired teacher from rural Iowa, took Congressman David Young to school at his town hall meeting in Redfield, Iowa yesterday. Olesen accurately describes the TrumpTax scam bill that Young voted for, which would harm middle and working class Iowans. She corrected Young’s statements when he started to spin, and even proclaimed “geez, Louise” at the amount of money Young and Republicans are giving to big corporations who don’t pay their fair share.”

This is hardly the only example of Young trying to sell crappy policies to his district. After promising over and over he would not vote to end pre-existing conditions protections in health care, Young has voted over and over to end the ACA which would in effect also bring back pre-existing conditions clauses in health care insurance. Then he has the audacity to claim he favors keeping the pre-existing conditions protections in place. 

Can we talk about tariffs? Looks like that is something Young doesn’t want to do – talk about them. He is a Trump support from the get-go.

While Young claims he has not done anything to harm seniors, there is this to think about: With the tax cuts voted for by David Young exploding the debt like a fourth of July firework where does Young and his cohorts plan to get the money to just simply pay the interest on the national debt they are raising to such heights? Will Young and his cohorts admit their mistake and raise taxes back up to rates that would pay the debt down to reasonable levels?

Or would he and his party more likely look to stripping other programs to pay just the interest? Little doubt in my mind their answer would be to “reform” programs like Medicare and Medicaid and to finally “reform” Social Security so their buddies on Wall Street can finally get their hands on trillions of dollars to put in their casino.

Based on his record would you trust Young to guard current Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid or would you expect him to go along with his cohorts in raiding the safety net programs so they can continue to give HUGE tax cuts to America’s wealthiest and make the enormous interest payments they are accruing with those tax cuts?

I know when you look at it like that the answer seems simple. Young will continue to go along with Republican policy that is killing the poor and middle class. There are many other issues that Young will go along on and then come back and try to polish up the turd to sell to his district as a piece of art.

Thank goodness Young has a level headed opponent in Cindy Axne. Based on Axne’s record you can believe what she says. You can believe it when she says she will work to keep the pre-existing protections and also to expand access to healthcare for all. You can believe Axne when she says she will actually keep programs for the seniors. You can believe Cindy Axne when she talks about working to help small businesses and public education.

The deciding factor in this race should be who can you trust? Based on their records trust the one who has earned the trust in the past. Cindy Axne can be trusted and will work for all Iowans. Dvid Young will go along with whatever crap proposal Republicans are pushing today and then try to spin you into believing that it is good for you when it is not.

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