Sunday Funday: The Resistance Report Edition

Stumbled across this Robert Reich series of videos. It appears he does a video weekly that lasts about 25 minutes.

Iowa will be negatively affected by the administration cruel and insane order. Call Grassley, Ernst and your rep and tell them ‘Hell no, they won’t go.’

I can’t keep up and I am getting Trump fatigue.

1) The change in the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy dominated the week. Who made the announcement on this policy change?

2) Most people opposed this change, including the Catholic Church. Who called the Catholic Church out on their opposition saying the Church “has an economic interest in unlimited immigration.”?

3) Hurricanes were also huge news this week. At one point there were how many hurricanes swirling in the Atlantic Ocean (including the Caribbean)?

4) Speaking of crazy policy changes, what cabinet secretary made big news by announcing major direction change in campus sexual assault guidance?

5) 60,000 residents of Frankfurt, Germany were evacuated while what was defused?

6) The sheriff of Polk County, Florida said people seeking shelter would be checked for what before getting shelter?

7) A massive sweep planned by ICE for mid September was abandoned when what network broke the story?

8) Never one to admit he made a mistake, the current president blamed who for the big push to repeal the ACA?

9) UN Ambassador Nikki Haley used many falsehoods to claim that what country was not living up to their nuclear deal with the US?

10) Among TV series premiering 50 years ago was what rapid fire joke and sketch show starring two comedians that frequently poked the establishment?

11) Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller announced that his office would join in a lawsuit with other states seeking to (stop or support?) the administration’s new DACA policy?

12) Democratic congressional leaders seemed to get a surprise agreement from the current president on what issue?

13) What Iowa congress member claimed that DACA recipients should be “in the shadows”?

14) Members of the commission tasked with the job of reforming voting have been found to be doing what that led to shouts of “lock her up” when Hillary Clinton was accused of it?

15) In Tulsa, Oklahoma Tuesday an arrest was made in the case of two hit and run crashes that targeted what kind of people?

16) What world noted couple announced they were expecting their 3rd child last week?

17) Ambassador Haley also had some tough talk for what country saying they “were begging for war”?

18) Walter Becker died last Sunday at age 67. He was noted for helping found what major rock band?

19) Baseball moves to the computer age. What team was accused of stealing signs and relaying upcoming pitches using Apple watches?

20) She just returned from space for an American record total of 665 days in space, including 10 spacewalks. At age 57 who is also America’s oldest female astronaut?

From Andy Borowitz: “800,000 people with dreams to be deported by One with delusions.”


1) AG Jeff Sessions. Must have been the greatest day of his life.

2) Steve Bannon

3) 3 – Irma, Jose and Katya (in the Caribbean). Another is expected to form in the Atlantic this week.

4) Betsy Devos. She claimed those accused of committing rape were “victims.”

5) a large bomb from WWII

6) Warrants for their arrest

7) NBC

8) Paul Ryan. hmmm – and Bannon is pushing to replace Ryan…..

9) Iran

10) Laugh-In

11) stop

12) a 3 month extension of the debt ceiling

13) Steve King

14) using their personal email accounts to do public (commission) business.

15) Homeless

16) The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

17) North Korea.

18) Steely Dan

19) Red Sox

20) Peggy Whitson

One more Borowitz: ” I hope everyone in Florida stays safe. However, if Irma hits Mar-a-Lago and a bunch of Trump’s tax returns come flying out, that would be ok.”

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