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1,000 Across The State Join Iowa Workers To Speak Out

Matt Sinovic Friday Feb.3, 10:46 AMMatt Sinovic (press@progressiowa.org) In Case You Missed It: 1,000 join Iowa workers to speak out Contact: Matt Sinovic, (515) 423-0530 News Compilation: Overview: Iowa workers spoke out at 7 different press conferences Wednesday, advocating for … Continue reading

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UAW, VW And The Southern Man

Southern change gonna Come at last Now your crosses Are burning fast – Neil Young On February 12-14, the men and women who assemble the Volkswagen Passat at a plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will get to vote on whether or … Continue reading

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Workers Earn Less In “Right To Work” States Like Iowa

Iowa is a so called “Right to Work” state.  Read this article excerpt to  discover what this really means and where these laws really come from, as Oregon is finding out now.   Learn more at wrongforeveryone.com. blog.workingamerica.org The editorial board … Continue reading

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Thank You For Watching ALEC!

America has a problem with some rich kids called ALEC. ALEC is a corporate headed group that prepares and pushes legislation through America’s state legislatures.  ALEC is terribly unethical. It amounts to the super-rich having a very special and very inside the … Continue reading

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Time To Inform Ourselves On ALEC

The legislature is starting up once more. Most of us have a preconceived idea that we took away from grade school civics that our local elected representatives act with local concerns at the top of their lists. But as with … Continue reading

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