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What We Are Up Against

Fox News, conservative talk radio, and the vast right wing propaganda machine all exist to throw mud at everything good.  Watch the segment on Fox News below with a critical eye. Hopefully, more people will realize we have to do … Continue reading

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How Right Wing Media Makes White Supremacy and Neo-Nazis Seem Normal

Fox News and right wing media, including internet sites and talk radio are turning minds to mush.  If you would like to help fight the propaganda machine in Iowa, join this Facebook group:  Hogwash! Fighting the Right Wing Propaganda Machine … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh Leader Of Right Wing Cult

Rush Limbaugh is still broadcast on these Iowa commercial stations.   WOC Quad Cities, WHO Des Moines, KSJC Sioux City, WMT Cedar Rapids KILR Estherville, KGLO Mason City, WDBQ Dubuque.   If you live in one of these broadcast areas, contact your … Continue reading

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American Nazis And The Right Wing Propaganda Machine

Nazis in America, you ask?  How can this be?  Answer:  The Right Wing Propaganda Machine has effectively brainwashed a large number of Americans.  Let’s start with Sean Hannity,  a particularly vile cog in the machine as Media Matters explains below … Continue reading

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Right Wing Media And The Power Of Fear

Right wing media is alive and well in Iowa. Here is a list of local stations.  Call your local station. Tell them to stop broadcasting hate speech. In Iowa, at least 700 hours a week of right-wing propaganda is being … Continue reading

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Iowa, Unions, And The Right Wing Propaganda Machine

Yes, last year on his radio show, Jan Mickelson said “what’s wrong with slavery?” and nobody thought a thing about it. Well, some bloggers did, and a few national “elitist” progressives, but not your average Joe Iowan. Like the proverbial … Continue reading

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