What We Are Up Against

Fox News, conservative talk radio, and the vast right wing propaganda machine all exist to throw mud at everything good.  Watch the segment on Fox News below with a critical eye. Hopefully, more people will realize we have to do something directly to fight the Murdoch propaganda industry before it ruins our country like it did Australia.  If it hasn’t already.

Make no mistake about it, good, smart people watch this stuff.  They think it makes sense because it mixes lies with truth, as all good liars know how to do. It’s not just right wing idiots and zealots that are brainwashed by Fox News and talk radio as many progressives believe. It is friends and neighbors, people you grew up with, teachers, regular people.  They are influenced in their thinking by what they see on Fox News and what their friends say about Fox News even if they don’t watch.  Fox News is everywhere.  It pollutes the political dialogue and makes it extremely difficult for reality to break through, which is the point of it.

Watch this segment and realize this is purposeful, sophisticated rhetoric, not harmless or stupid blather.  It is ugly and it is hard to watch. It influences people. And it is being replicated on talk radio all throughout Iowa.

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