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Media’s Theft From The Commons

“Right-wing media have been laying the groundwork for Trump’s acquittal for half a century,” Nicole Hemmer wrote in the New York Times. “These tactics (i.e. minimize Trump’s transgressions and paint a picture of non-stop Democratic scandals) are not inventions of … Continue reading

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What We Are Up Against

Fox News, conservative talk radio, and the vast right wing propaganda machine all exist to throw mud at everything good.  Watch the segment on Fox News below with a critical eye. Hopefully, more people will realize we have to do … Continue reading

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The Corruption Of America By Fox News

Kevin Rudd,  former prime minister of Australia, published an article last year in the Sidney Morning Herald,  Cancer Eating the Heart of Australian Democracy. It was about the damage Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has done in Australia.  After citing other … Continue reading

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Why You Must Never Retweet or Repeat Trump’s Gibberish

I am a big fan of George Lakoff.  We’ve been posting his work on BFIA for years.  I agree with everything he says about language. But having said that, I would like to add that I’ve noticed that he and … Continue reading

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Sinclair Is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy

“Just amazing that a video about a conservative media company’s orders to its stations has become evidence of liberal media collusion…” ~ Dave Weigel

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Why People Believe Crazy Stuff

Weekly update from Media Matters for America.  Click here to sign up for the MMA weekly newsletter. Hoaxes spread immediately after Las Vegas massacre A lone gunman killed at least 59 and injured hundreds in Las Vegas. It took mere … Continue reading

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How False Equivalence Distorts Campaign Coverage

“News outlets have paid the same amount of attention to the Clinton emails or the Clinton Foundation as they have to the unprecedented, democracy-threatening dumpster fire that is the Trump campaign.”  

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Barack To Bill: “They Believe It Because Folks Like You Are Telling Them That”

I don’t always watch videos that are promoted as “watch so-and-so really nail Tucker Carlson” or “watch the liberal crush Ann Coulter,” etc…  It seems like every time I fall for it, it turns out the other way around. Not … Continue reading

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The Fox Effect

“When Fox News was formed, they made it clear that they had one goal in mind — to help get conservatives elected. Network president Roger Ailes has done everything in his power to carry out that goal, and has been … Continue reading

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