American Nazis And The Right Wing Propaganda Machine

Nazis in America, you ask?  How can this be?  Answer:  The Right Wing Propaganda Machine has effectively brainwashed a large number of Americans.  Let’s start with Sean Hannity,  a particularly vile cog in the machine as Media Matters explains below in their action alert.

But first, before we get to the Media Matters alert, we would like you to know that the following Iowa radio stations each carry 3 hours every weekday of Sean Hannity in addition to many other equally vile propagandists.  Maybe we could all give our local station a quick call or write a letter to our local paper about getting rid of hate speech on our local radio stations, or contact the station’s local advertisers or all of the above.

Click on the station links for contact and program information. Sean Hannity is broadcast daily (weekdays) on every one of these Iowa stations.

KBUR Burlington

WOC Quad Cities

WHO Des Moines

KSJC Sioux City

WMT Cedar Rapids

WDBQ Dubuque

KILR Estherville

KGLO Mason City

KFJB Marshalltown

Here’s the action alert from MM:

Since 2004, Media Matters has warned the public not to trust Sean Hannity, a serial misinformer with a long history of spreading lies and smears (we should know – we’ve chronicled most of them on our website). But in the Trump era, Hannity has morphed into something more dangerous than a partisan hack – he’s been exposed as a full-blown propagandist who spreads fabricated stories to help the White House.

Enough is enough. It’s clear that 21st Century Fox (Fox News’ parent company) won’t hold Sean Hannity accountable – so, with your help, we will. Today, Media Matters is launching an effort to encourage Hannity’s sponsors to stop financially supporting his propaganda. And we need your voice.

Join our fight to stop Sean Hannity – and make sure to share it now to start building pressure on his advertisers and Fox News!

Hannity’s role as a government mouthpiece became abundantly clear this week after an explosive lawsuit alleged that a conspiracy theory that he relentlessly promoted – that a staffer leaked Democratic National Committee emails, not Russian hackers, and was murdered for it – was known to be fake. According to the suit, the conspiracy theory was concocted on far-right message boards and then deliberately developed by GOP political operatives, Fox News, and even the White House to distract from the ongoing investigations into Donald Trump’s ties to the Russian government. [1]

And Sean Hannity was this story’s most ardent booster. He shared it with a huge audience on his radio show, Twitter, and Fox News. He continued to push the story after Fox News took the unusual step of retracting it, after the victim’s family publicly begged him to stop – and even after several advertisers dropped his show over the controversy in May. [2]

At Media Matters, we’ve covered Sean Hannity for more than a decade. We know him better than anyone does, and this latest revelation proves that we’ve been right about him all along: Spreading misinformation is his business model, and now he’s doing it on behalf of the White House.

Enough is enough: Join the fight to stop Sean Hannity and spread the word about how we’re going to work together to hold him accountable.

It’s up to this grassroots movement – individuals, organizations, and hundreds of independent organizers – to keep up the pressure. At this point, if a company is sponsoring Sean Hannity’s show, it’s essentially supporting a Trump propaganda operation. It needs to stop.

Media Matters for America

P.S. Want to see if a company you support is sponsoring Hannity’s show? Here are his most recent advertisers.

[1] John Whitehouse, “What the Seth Rich conspiracy theory is, why it matters, and why Sean Hannity must be the one to pay the price,” Media Matters for America, 2 August 2017
[2] Matt Gertz, “How Sean Hannity became the champion of the Seth Rich conspiracy theory,” Media Matters for America, 30 May 2017

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