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Pandemic Shows How Important Unions Are

AFT Leader Randi Weingarten discusses reopening schools: (6.5 minutes) Thursday we got this email from the Abby Finkenauer campaign: I’m Ken Sagar, retired president of the Iowa Federation of Labor. But today I’m not here to give you an update … Continue reading

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Robert Reich – The Rich Get Much, Much Richer

Robert Reich once again puts the current economic situation in plain language. (13 minutes) The current economic situation, especially the inequalities between workers and shareholders in a normal year would be a central issue in a presidential election. Our current … Continue reading

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Biden address on the economy. (31.5 minutes) As you listen to Joe Biden’s address in Dunmore, Pennsylvania from Thursday the differences between Biden and his opponent are stark. The very first thing that is hugely obvious is that Biden cares. … Continue reading

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Recent Videos From Robert Reich: Oligarchy Versus The Rest Of Us

Corporate lies. A couple of things that Reich doesn’t mention in here are: Labor union are the most effective deterrent to an accretion of power in an executive in a democracy. Labor voting for the party of money and business … Continue reading

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Unions Must Strengthen To Restore America’s Middle Class

There is little that is more illustrative of what has caused the fall of America’s middle class than the graphs that show the fall in union membership alongside a graph that shows the fall in worker’s pay. It is an … Continue reading

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Working People’s Day of Action – Cedar Rapids

Join thousands of working people and our allies nationwide as we stand up for the freedom to join together in strong unions and fight for decent and equitable pay, affordable health care, quality schools, vibrant communities and a secure future … Continue reading

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Flint and Reagan's Wake

Driving out of Flint, Mich. on Bristol Road wasn’t in the plans. I interviewed some 30 people, all but one male, for truck driving jobs at the Days Inn across from the GM plant. Tired and ready for sleep, I … Continue reading

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Wages And Private Sector Unions

As we approach Labor Day, the lockout of United Steel Workers at six Allegheny Technologies plants is a sad commentary on the state of affairs of public sector unions. “Management has locked out more than 2,000 workers in an effort to … Continue reading

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Iowa Republicans Versus Iowa Teachers

Monday morning I was half listening to Iowa Public Radio’s Morning Edition when I heard Iowa news reporter Joyce Russell tell a short story on the annual standoff on public school funding in Iowa. The story was an interview with … Continue reading

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Iowa House Republicans' Anti-Union Bill DOA

The gang of Republicans in the state house kicked off  last week asking for a constitutional amendment to include their political position on Iowa’s status as a right to work state in the Iowa Constitution. Didn’t they hear about the … Continue reading

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