“A Danger Like Our Republic Has Never Seen”

Liz Cheney calls out former president at the Reagan Library.

Gets a standing ovation (4 minutes)

The Republican Party is unraveling. Like everything else the former president touched his party is about to go up in flames.

They will be limping in to the midterm election with three extremely unpopular SCOTUS decisions on guns, abortion and the environment. 

They have a huge albatross around their necks called Trump. They can’t break with him or they lose his supporters which are the biggest single voting bloc in their party. But they can’t continue to support a person who has been exposed as the leader of a violent attempt to overthrow our government. The voters against him outnumber his supporters.

And the young voters are especially angry as the SCOTUS condemned them to a life of dealing with climate change without the tools to do it with. And women are really angry because abortion has been outlawed and they can soon expect contraception to be outlawed by a rogue SCOTUS.

And they will have to try to defend their support of a person who has been shown to have led a violent rebellion against our democratically elected government.

I sure wouldn’t want to be Grassley this fall. 

Or Kim Reynolds whose record has been horrible. And now she will be focused on making Iowa a hell to live in for women.

I wouldn’t want to be Ashley Hinson a big Trump supporter who votes against the good of her state, then pretends she didn’t.

Pretty much the same for Miller-Meeks who makes things up out of thin air.

Opposing them we have folks who stand for maintaining our democracy, who tell us the truth, who work for Iowans. Simply stated they have nothing to hide and strong records of action.

Admiral Mike Franken – let’s send a distinguished Admiral to represent us and help save our democracy as he did fir four decades.

Diedre DeJear – Honest! Works for the common Iowan, not the corporations!

Liz Mathis – the kind of person Iowans can be proud of.

Christina Bohannan – up by the bootstraps story who never forgot where she came from.

Cindy Axne – She has been doing great things for Iowa. She doesn’t have to make up stories and hope that her audience doesn’t read.

Can Ryan Melton pull off a stunning upset in the 4th District? Stay tuned!

This 4th of July vow to help return the country and Iowa back to the days when the government worked for the people, nit just for the corporations and the wealthy.

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