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The Powell Manifesto Realized: The Shocking 1971 Republican Blueprint To Eliminate Liberalism And Establish Corporate Domination Over America’s Pillars Of Democracy

It’s called the Lewis Powell Memo (aka The Powell Manifesto) written in 1971, before he became a Supreme Court Justice and went on to write a 1978 decision that effectively invented a First Amendment “right” for corporations to influence ballot … Continue reading

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Jen Senko: How Right Wing Media Has Divided The Country And What We Must Do

See my post earlier this week Movie Review:  The Brainwashing of My Dad, the documentary by Jen Senko about losing her father to right wing media. Also on Blog for Iowa see the list of the thirteen Iowa commercial radio … Continue reading

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The GOP, Corporate America, And The Powell Manifesto

Progressives and others have been going wild this week over a Rick Santorum remark denegrating college education, basing his statement on something that President Obama didn’t even say.  It is time for us to get over being shocked by every “crazy” … Continue reading

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Observations on the Media in Iowa: A Brief History of Consolidation

by Dave Bradley When we left last week, I had asked that you read the Lewis Powell memo that became the catalyst for the right wing (or as Paul Krugman refers to them – the movement conservatives) to begin a … Continue reading

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