How And Why Corporations Took Over Our Politics

Lewis Powell

Dave Bradley has been posting about the Lewis Powell Memo since at least 2010.   More recently, it has been getting increasing exposure and mentions on social media, a good thing.  Sheldon Whitehouse covered it in Speech 1 of his series The Scheme: The Powell Report.  Jen Senko gave it substantial time in her award winning documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad about the purposeful rise of right wing media in the U.S. Bill Moyers was all over it in 2012. It was a turning point for democracy.

If you don’t know what the Powell Memo is, Robert Reich provides a decent explanation. But you still should read the actual memo linked here.

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  1. Edward Fallon says:

    This is a really good blog, really important. In particular, Jen Senko’s film, The Brainwashing of My Dad, cuts to the heart of the problem of corporate domination of our media. Jen also wrote a book on the same topic, and I interviewed her earlier this year on The Fallon Forum. Here’s a link to that conversation: Thanks, Ed

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