Sheldon Whitehouse Exposes Right Wing Court Capture In Series Of Speeches

Lewis Powell

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Courts Subcommittee, explains to America how dark right wing money packed the court in a series of floor speeches titled “The Scheme,” exposing the machinations by right-wing donor interests to capture the U.S. Supreme Court and achieve through the Court what they cannot through the elected branches of government.

Beginning in May 2021, so far he is up to eighteen speeches, the most recent delivered last week. You may also have noticed he has been making more media appearances lately. Watch the speeches on his YouTube channel. For your convenience and ease of sharing I have included links and topics below. He begins where it begins:  The Lewis Powell Memo of 1971, officially titled, Powell’s Confidential Memorandum: Attack of American Free Enterprise System.

The Scheme Speech 1: The Powell Report
The Scheme Speech 2: Powell Groundwork
The Scheme Speech 3: The Latent Virus
The Scheme Speech 4: A New Constitutional Right for Dark Money
The Scheme Speech 5: The Federalist Society
The Scheme Speech 6: The Judicial Crisis Network
The Scheme Speech 7: The Kavanaugh Operation
The Scheme Speech 8: Tu Quoque (You Too)
The Scheme 9: Amicus Flotillas
The Scheme 10: Climate Obstruction and The Scheme
The Scheme 11: Faculty Lounge Report
The Scheme 12: JCN’s Opening Salvo
The Scheme 13: “Auditioning” for the Supreme Court
The Scheme 14: Attacking Roe
The Scheme 15: The Hothouse and WV v. EPA
The Scheme 16: West Virginia v EPA pt. 2
The Scheme 17: The Captive Court
The Scheme 18: Leonard Leo’s $1.6 Billion Payday

Here is The Scheme #1 The Powell Report

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  1. Kathleen Borowski says:

    This information is critical for us as citizens to know. I try to stay on top of it and deeply appreciate the work he has done.


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